(Jimmy pushes the button again, but it still poofs Jimmy back into Timmy's room) (Vicky the babysitter shows up with an evil grin on her face while Mr. Turner leaves the room) 00:02:03 (banging) Hear that, Warden?

00:46:12 We've got to save her! 00:16:4300:41:28 (both yelling) Cool! When Nerds Collide is a transcript. (Vicky grabs Jimmy pulling on his head thinking he's Timmy wearing some kind of costume to disguise himself) Cindy guides Timmy to the disk drive and he arrives, just as Goddard is about to destroy the town with his rockets. 00:44:42 (exclaims) This indignity will be avenged! The next project for Butch Hartman is the next crossover mini-movies from Butch Hartman's Fairly Odd Phantom short film and Jimmy Timmy Po... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (Crocker travels down a tube and into his lab and gets to a large computer screen) 00:11:10 I wish I had a cool rocket like Neutron's. (He is referring to the moment when he and Sheen first met Timmy in Act One of "Jimmy Timmy Power Hour". 00:44:57 Besides, I need to keep an eye on you while I complete my greatest plan of all. [Unless further indicated, all surroundings are in 3D.] 00:55:56 (whispering) (exclaims) Hi, Mrs. Neutron.

's lab, and he can't just use A.J.                                             Everybody hula-hu 00:02:39 (laughs) Dream on! Back in Retroville we cut to a view in front of the Candy Bar and we see Timmy and Cindy inside sharing a sundae. Realizing he is unprepared for his science project, Timmy wishes he was in the greatest lab in Dimmsdale, but he ends up in A.J. 00:43:59 (Cindy screams) Cindy! 00:44:35 (exclaims) This sandwich is unacceptable. Looking for the scripts matching the jimmy timmy power hour 3: the jerkinators!? Third crossover of "The Fairly OddParents" and "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius." Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide!/Transcript < Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide! 00:45:07 Behold my big bang bomb, with shockwaves so powerful, they'll tear the very fabric of time. 00:03:10 (chortling): Oh, splendid! 00:46:24 Then it's settled; we'll put aside our differences and join to save her! 00:43:44 Do not worry, little girl. Jimmy: Timmy and I have been on many adventures together, but I haven't seen him for a while yet. Just then, Carl, Sheen, and Libby try to warn Timmy and Cindy that Meanwhile, Timmy and Cindy are on a date trying out all of Jimmy's inventions. The screen then darkens) 's lab because he'll suspect that Timmy used his technology. In their third and final encounter, Timmy and Jimmy make amends while trying to defeat the enemies from their own universes—including a monster that they concoct together—while accidentally rejecting their respective friends in the process, including Cindy. 00:41:39 With that much harnessed energy, I'd be invincible. Libby tells everyone if he destroys it he'll cause a major Flurp spill, which could dissolve all of Retroville (what with the acid and corrosive sugar in the Flurp). Jimmy can be seen currently is updating Goddard when Timmy drops in and starts to mess with his inventions. The screen then zooms out and Cosmo and Wanda appear "poof" back in Timmy's room) (Jimmy looks around the room and finds Timmy's Game Buddy) (Carl, Sheen and Libby then arrive running in a panic) (Goddard then shows up in front of the kids growling at them) (Goddard starts roaring and he spits magma at them. 00:42:03 Timmy! (Crocker then pushes a button and teleports himself, Jimmy and Cosmo and Wanda into Fairy World)

Oh, I love Westerns! 00:42:01 I'll stop them with this. (Cindy puts the MindPhone in front of Timmy's ear) No! Timmy asks Cindy if she'd still like him if he wasn't a genius, but Cindy answers no. No girl in this universe would date me. 00:41:57 I can't let him get the Hyper-Cube. 00:03:13 I smell a loophole! (Inside Decimator Goddard, Timmy was being held by a grabber claw that was going to drop him into a room full of a stomach acid like liquid) 00:46:21 (chuckling): Yeah, you know, for a girl. (On the screen appears Jimmy who is contacting his dog) However, the laser pen runs out of power, so Timmy uses his teeth to bite through the system and shuts the game down, causing Goddard to deactivate and the town is saved. 00:11:15 Uh... that I will now invent behind this tree. Timmy zaps a squirrel with the Electro-Life giving it bat wings)

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