As the company sinks, Burak does all he can to hide the situation from Reha.Reyhan is shocked when her records show she's married to Serhat. Burak Özçivit is playing the role of Osman Bey, and for sure, you will like this series like previous Hopefully, none of our readers will mix it with old Turkish series Yemin. However, both of their families disagree for their relationship.Omer’s parents want their son to get married to a girl who comes from a rich family while Aysem’s father does not want his daughter to get upset due to the attitudes of Omer’s family. Nail and Ilyas are working in the store.With Omer sick, Aysem is left alone and unsettled by Reha. Aysem and the baby’s lives are in danger.Aysem and Omer fear for their baby, who clings to life in intensive care. The female lead will also impress you with their bold acting skills.With outclassed performances from the cast, best direction and exciting story, Ask Aglatir is getting popular among the Turkish drama viewers. ?.i just love this turkish drama.well done Ayshem n omar n the rest of the team..BisousI became addicted to this show. How can you leave gunshots at the end of season two, and carry on the season three with mainly a new story, and new characters. Zeyno goes missing.Aysem's friends prepare a surprise for her, but a mishap incapacitates them.

The story of this Turkish series revolves around Osman I, the son of Ertugrul Gazi and Ottoman Empire’s founder. I think this was implied, that his friends realised he was a bit ‘out there’ and so was Ayshem. I don’t want to devote my time and energy to series that ends negatively. He is like so many very talented and clever people – just a little over the top. Nadide shocks everyone at the big introduction party.Nadide is upset by unexpected events at the party to announce her son’s marriage. Aysem becomes a partner in Nadide’s lie.Aysem thinks Omer’s work is an excuse to leave the house. Watch all you want for free. Aysem feels responsible and tries to console her mother-in-law.Furkan goes to request Seda’s hand, but his joke goes down badly. The song Love me as I am was beautiful. Despite all his efforts, Mazhar is crushed by Reyhan’s father, but he refuses to be bowed.Zeyno’s departure hurts Tolga, but he can do nothing. I guess that was the recap. Best Wishes to you in your life and career.The English subtitles are of extremely poor quality in that there are not many and what there is is very poor English…needs doing over as it is frustrating to read…usage very bad as well as meaning.archaic words used etc…I would suggest a rough translation and then a smooth one based on that….I was eager to change many lines while reading it.

Although heartbroken, Seda hides it. Taner invites Seda to his family's country house, where she ends up in a strange situation.Omer rushes to his mother to ask what she has heard from Safiye. Like you say, Turkish shows have made me addicted to them on Netflix. I was there before it was dangerous for US travelers. He dreams of conquering the boxing ring again with his son.It’s a worth watching TV series, and according to Drama gurus, it could be famous like Ertugrul due to its strong story and theme.Another new classic TV series of Star TV Turkey.

Tolgahan Sayisman is playing the role of a boxer in this series. Hopefully, you would love to watch this Turkish series.Probably, Kara Sevda, which is popular with the name of Endless Love among English watchers of Turkish dramas is the most suggested Turkish series for people who want to watch a romantic Turkish series. Netflix has done a wonderful job of providing these films.I am so disappointed with Love Me As I Am.After watching many of the Turkish love dramas;I chose this comedy. Seems everyone is listed except him……….Can someone let me know if series has happy or sad ending. I was glad when he left the show but I do not understand how he and wife retired to Brazil when all they had was taken from them.

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