120V 4500 watts continuous draw is 20.7 amps (NO BODY WORK) so what would you guys get? This page was generated at 03:00 AM.Spark your imagination and bring your next project to life with welding tips from the experts and more! No announcement yet. 1) Hobart--Stickmate LX 235 AC/160 DC 2) Miller--Thunderbolt XL 225/150 AC/DC 3) Lincoln-- AC/DC 225/125 all powered by 220 single phase. Hey can the miller thunderbolt 160 dc stick welder run on a household outlet ?

You would be able to run 80 amps at a 10% duty cycle or 65 amps at a 20% duty cycle running up to a total of 100 feet #4 cable.Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 has DC weld output.Yes, you may finance your purchase by choosing PayPal's "Bill Me Later" option at check out. I've attached a picture of a weld, low prep. Is so which adapter should I useDoes this welding machine have an included welding rod, or if not can you please give me name and number of a welding rod that can be used with this machine?Hello ,do they have a blue Miller blue or make a cover for the thunderbolt 160.ThanksI will be wiring from my 100 amp panel a run of 75' to the welder outlet using 220v current.I have a Generac XG10000E ( Model- G0058022) portable generator with 10,000 running watts and 12,500 starting watts- will this generator be able to supply max amps required by this welder at 240v Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 will require the following generator: 120V 4500 watts continuous draw is 20.7 amps 240V 1000 watts continuous draw is 27.8 ampsOn the Miller thunderbolt 160 stick welder how many amps would I loose using it on 120 v circut if I replaced the welding cables with 4 gauge 25 ft? i dont think its a deal with leads and knowing it worked. I'm not interested in MIG or TIG and I don't want a used welder. [QUOTE=genesis5521;403952]Hi Guys: Best-in-class dependable, portable, powerful stick welder. Free shipping. Have had the lincoln crackerbox 220 stick welder and its big and heavy so in comparison there is none. Also works quite well on small projects. English (US) Watch. It will weld the following in a single pass: If you were to go over 100 total feet you would need to upgrade the cable.can doing tig weld with this welder? I use this for home hobby use, and it has been outstanding so far.

Mfg Industrial Price: $632.00 Cyberweld Price: $512.00. He is basically a slob, and does not take care of any of his own equipment, so he was not going to use any of my welders. Open box (never used), This unit is basically new, been used a couple of times. Note: 6010 not recommended for open root weldingMiller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 does not have arc control/ dig control.what is the difference between this model and the Hobart Stickmate® 160i Stick Welder?The only difference between the Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 and the Does what it says its going to do and does it well. It is a guide on a dolly to move a shipping container, the picture is after getting "bumped"

brackets, spring mounts,i.e. $366.00. This page was generated at 02:00 AM. Adjust output by as little as one-amp increments.
Although I have 220 V nearby where I weld (and a cord), the 110 V is able to keep up. Old Miller or new Hobart Just have too many machines.

It is not a bad welder, but is only AC and the arc is not very strong, or stable due to the age. Feel free to enjoy the Stickmate just as well as if you'd had the shiny blue one.

My previous SMAW machine was a Maxstar 300 LX. https://store.cyberweld.com/mimvpadpl230.htmlMiller advises that a Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 is strictly a stick welder.CAN I RUN A THUNDERBOLT 160 WITH A BRIGGS & STRATTON GENERATOR 7000,120/240V-30A ?Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 will require the following generator: Miller Thunderbolt 160 DC Stick Welder 907721 max output on 110v input is 80 amps. From MIG welding gear, guns, solid and flux-cored wires, etc. I am trying to avoid using an extension cord.
This page was generated at 02:00 AM. Obviously, I'm just a hack-artist, you shouldn't be listening to anything I say ..... I realize that welding entails more than just sticking two pieces of metal together.

Bob Wright, Grandson of Tee Nee Boat Trailer Founder Learn More.

Stickmate® 160i DC Stick (SMAW) Welding Power Source Provides easy, quick and reliable arc starts. If it were me I would go with the used unit, and use the savings to buy other tools or accessories. All times are GMT-6. No announcement yet. The Miller Thuderbolt® 160 DC Stick Welder is a best in class dependable, portable, powerful stick welder.

Allows connection to 120 or 240 V receptacles without tools — choose the adapter cord with the right plug that fits

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