specimen_loc:... county: El Dorado The house was gorgeous. sex: M species: novaroensis collector: Nagano, Sakai

Consider contributing an image at the email address showcased at the bottom of this page. sex:

location: Jackass Spring, Hunter Mtn, Panamint Range coll_date: May 14 62 coll_date: Jul 2 97 spe... CALIFORNA MOTH SPECIMEN DATABASE RECORD DETAILS

Soapy buckets of water with lights shining on them are working for some.We've heard people turning to essential oils, lavender being something moths apparently don't like. collector: not given species: cupressi county: Alpine county: Alpine county: Kern coll_date: Jul 19 93 seq_num: 5020 DeBenedictis seq_num: 13856 sex: collector: N.J. Smimth

county: Alameda

genus: Synanthedon sex: location: Paradise spec... Both agencies are asking for the flexibility to make local decisions in re-opening businesses to improve the economy after a two-month closure due to COVID-19.At a special meeting held May 13, the county Board of Supervisors announced it also joined with Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties in submitting a letter to the governor asking for more flexibility in meeting the benchmarks set out for variances.Supervisor Robert Lovingood pushed for meeting with the governor via conference call sooner rather than later. coll_date: genus: Givira collector: R.L. sex: CALIFORNA MOTH SPECIMEN DATABASE RECORD DETAILS specimen_loc: RHL species: sequoiae If only one color is present on your insect, select it again as its SECONDARY color. seq_num: 12362 seq_num: 6973 U... CALIFORNA MOTH SPECIMEN DATABASE RECORD DETAILS genus: Penstemonia seq_num: 10995 It is the Rick Bates, who coordinates events for the city of Big Bear Lake, said it's like a chess game right now with event planning for Big Bear.Big Bear Connected hosts the Joyful Noise Parade to honor Big Bear's heroes. genus: Paranthrene sex:

Big Bear Lake genus: Euhagena county: Imperial CALIFORNA MOTH SPECIMEN DATABASE RECORD DETAILS U... coll_date: Jun 20 58 seq_num: 14563

spe... coll_date: Jun 14 88... collector: G. Kareofalas coll_date: Jul 23-29 2005 genus: Penstemonia There are a total of [ 124 ] California Moths in the ButterflyIdentification.org database. location: Indian Wells

coll_date: Jul 18 48 coll_date: collector: D. Guiliani genus: Penstemonia specimen... & K. Donahue Those heroes include the essential workers who have kept Big Bear safe and supplied during the COVID-19 pandemic.The Joyful Noise Parade is set for Sunday, May 17 beginning at 3 p.m. Read how you can Big Bear residents are finding themselves battling a different enemy these days: the brown moth.It appears the brown moths are invading homes causing people to get creative and search for ways to send the moths packing. "We've crushed and we continue to crush small business," Lovingood said. genus: Acossus collector: C. Henne

collector: Claude I.Smith coll_date: Jul 22 200... collector: G. Kareofalas

specimen_loc: CAS

The wing span can exceed three inches in length and the body grows over two inches. collector: C.D. sex: specimen_loc: C... Less known is the fact that the largest of the Tiger Moths is the Giant Leopard moth. species: chrysidipennis county: Inyo sex:

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