Question. ... My yucca is about 5 ft high and has split into 3 sections at the top. Or dig them up, pot them and sell them. I can't imagine why you would put something like muriatic acid near your soil but feel bad about RoundUp.

Vinegar won't get yucca roots, not even sure roundup will on established fleshy tubers. We pulled up a giant yucca tree (no idea what the real name is) from the roots last winter to start an herb garden in a planter in the front yard. Yes No. Yucca elephantipes is a small evergreen tree reaching around 9 metres (30′) in the wild, but it is usually smaller in cultivation. It handles both drought and humidity well.Photo by Garden World Images Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo.Variegated yellow and green foliage, white flowers on 4 to 6 foot stalksAnother cold-hardy variety that will brighten up a drought-tolerant garden with its variegated foliage and fragrant flowers in spring. Cheap and easy to change out.I think decking is over rated and I like house haunted pics they have good ideas. I have a yucca plant with three trunks all the stems have died off and I have new shoots coming through the compost. Photo by: Garden World Images, Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo.Yellow and green striped leaves, flower stalks with pink buds that open with white flowersThis cold-hardy variety handles temperatures down to 0°F and brightens up a dry garden. Do not re-pot until you see roots in the drainage holes of the pots.Yuccas are readily available at nurseries Australia-wide. In LA it is considered one of the hardest plants to permanently eradicate.Help Designing Modern Backyard with Giant Retaining WallPlease help me with this giant wall cut out in my living room!They would have to be some super-children to handle these sprouts! You have to twist and tie it slightly loose, but snug, at the bottom, but it should be the end of it.The eruption of sprouts is their survival method. Place it in potting soil and in a location where it will receive indirect light. I'd have to have grandchildren that could handle chainsaws to hack away at these suckers!I had two clumps of Yucca, each consisted of several yucca trees whose stumps had grown together into two huge stumps, each about four feet in diameter. We're not talking bean sprouts here. I'm not suggesting shelve it all the way across, or "filling in" from the wall to the post (that would obscure the lighting). They are, however, interesting and slow-growing houseplants that have the added benefit of being extremely drought tolerant. The cut-off part can also be divided again, if it’s big enough. During winter when not in active growth, Panicles of bell-shaped cream coloured flowers form in late summer to autumn but may need hand pollination to set seed.Pruning is not normally needed, but damaged leaves and spent flower spikes can be removed as necessary in the spring.Turn indoor yuccas regularly to prevent them becoming lopsided as it grows towards the light. The thickness and length of the stem doesn’t matter.The foliage at the tip of the cutting does not need pruning.Allow the stem to dry out for a few days to a week in a shady spot.After drying out, put the cane in an appropriate-sized pot filled with a free-draining mix. Although technically not considered pruning, maintaining your plants by trimming dead or damaged leaves can be done at any time. Handles wind, heat, humidity and drought well. If propagating from offsets, remove them in spring, strip off any foliage, and plant. Yuccas make a lovely low maintenance screen or garden accent, especially the yucca plant flower. Community Answer. If you want to go organic, you may very well be pulling for months this year, months next year, weeks the year after that. Yucca elephantipes is a small evergreen tree reaching around 9 metres (30′) in the wild, but it is usually smaller in cultivation. Ok, also much prefer real, but understand about the vent. You could add a real trailing ivy to the pot to increase the "realness". Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images. Height/Spread: 12 to 16 feet tall, 6 to 8 feet wide.

Stripping the leaves will also prevent the cutting from losing its moisture before the roots grow.Take your cutting from a mature stem, with brown bark underneath the stripped section. Root cuttings can be taken in winter or spring from mature plants.

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