Coupled with incomplete, and sometimes confusing, feedback from players and an esoteric points setup that had you doling out points each time you made a recruiting move, and you had a system that was in need of a makeover. As you make pitches, you'll learn what aspects of game are important to him, and which he couldn't care less about. When you boil it down to its essence, dynasty mode is all about persuasion, as in a college coach (played by you) persuading top high school talent to play for his school.
The dynasty mode puts you in the shoes of a coach of any NCAA football team.

NCAA Football 2004, released for the PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and Xbox, featured University of Southern California quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner Carson Palmer on the cover. Each week you have ten allotted "hours" to talk to your various prospects and each phone call you make eats into that time. Last year's game, NCAA Football 07, the debut of the series on the Xbox 360, was one of the best-received versions of the game. The big jump, then, comes now. Don't spend too much time on the hard sell however, as it will result in the player getting increasingly disgruntled with you, sometimes to the point of hanging up. The database of available players is absolutely huge, with thousands of players to choose from. With your recruiting board populated and your list prioritized, it's time to get down to the brass tacks of convincing players to wear your school colors. For dynasty mode, it's a quick way to zip through games while still keeping abreast of the action; for campus legend mode, it should be a handy method for keeping the action focused squarely on your player. This edition featured the return of gameplay modes seen in previous versions such as Dynasty Mode. According to game producers, the choice to start anew with dynasty mode with NCAA 07 for next-gen consoles was a conscious one. Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. For NCAA Football 08 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "No Sound in Dynasty Mode".

The first part of the equation is easy: By checking out the "my school" menu item in dynasty mode, you can see how your school rates along 12 distinct categories: academic prestige, campus lifestyle, coach experience, coach prestige, conference prestige, championship contender, athletic facilities, fan base, pro factory, program stability, program tradition, and television exposure. As an example, we chose Auburn as our dynasty school and had two immediate needs to fill--a fullback and an offensive lineman. To help you sift through all these players, a handy search tool is available. Instead, you should keep the pitches coming until you find that sweet spot.

We immediately tossed him and two others on our prospect list. Commitment status will be more important the further you progress through your season; as a player gets down to the final handful of schools he's interested in, this parameter will give you a better idea of whether it's even worth pursuing him. Fail to keep your promises and your integrity rating will go down. Finding a pitch is simply trying to learn what works and how the player will respond; you only want to use the hard sell as either a desperation tactic or when you are reasonably sure it will work. But, as we mentioned, a school's program is only half of the equation. To do so, you're going to need to work what you know about your program's strengths with what you know about each player's needs. When it comes to recruiting players, then, Auburn and other powerhouse schools like it will have a distinct advantage against smaller schools that may only excel in a handful of areas. If a player isn't convinced, you will sometimes have a third pitch option, "sway", which means you're attempting to convince a player of the importance of a particular aspect of your program he might not have previously considered. If a player's conference prestige importance is locked as "most", then, you know exactly where he stands; just as if he notes a fan base pitch as "low" importance, it's best to stay away from that one. As in years past, you'll have a team-needs chart that will show you exactly what positions you're strong at and where you are lacking depth. Whether you wish to take control of a big school like USC or go for a smaller, local college, the goal is the same: win the championship.This section of the guide is designed to help you do just that!Note: This section is specific to the features found in the Xbox 360 version of the game. It's risky--sometimes players don't want to be convinced--but it can also work to your favor and turn around a previously unavailable player. The only problem is, once you've made a promise, you'll be expected to keep it. Once you've got a list of players on your recruiting board, you can change their order of priority by moving them up and down the list. One new feature in NCAA Football 08 that looks to work pretty well with both dynasty mode and the new-look campus legend mode, is the so-called … Choosing that from a list of potential pitches we were given the option to "find pitch" and "hard sell pitch." Other versions may have slightly different features.In NCAA Football 08, players look to be a leader and become a legend on the field.
If you're really after a hot player, you can make a promise to him. The final weapon in a coach's recruiting armory is the promise. When you call a player, it's all about the pitch you use.

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