The Revolutionary War was an annoyance to New Yorkers that interfered with trade and the booming commerce that would come to define the city.The Civil War was also viewed from afar.

I also liked the evolution of the black servants, generations of them, as they lived next to the Masters, with powerful stories and lifetimes of service. While the families themselves are fictional, the events happening around them and the people associated with those events are indeed real.“It has been necessary to invent very little in terms of historic events during the course of this narrative,” Mr. Rutherfurd writes in his novel’s preface.

Beginning with Sarum in 1987, Rutherfurd has explored Russian history, London, Ireland, and the New Forest. novels have all contained family trees to help the reader track the If Dirk van Dyck had only known what he started, and had Gorham Master in 2009 known what the wampum belt actually was and meant, both would have been in awe.Now that I have read this book, I am anxious to go to New York, walk the streets of southern Manhattan and feel the connection of all the teeming life, the emotions, the pain, the hopes and dreams that came before me and that I get to be part of today.

Don’t be put off by the book’s length – it is a quick read despite its 800+ pages. The chapter covering the Panic of 1907 is especially fascinating, given the obvious parallels with recent events: the near-collapse of the financial system, narrowly averted with millions of Government money, and the ability of J.P. Morgan himself to bring Wall Street's top money men together and convince them to do what was needed.With Rutherfurd's books it feels more like you're living through the history than reading a history book. focused on the descendents of van Dyck and Tom Master, who van Dyck met on Please, if you find or make one, send it and (with your permission and credit) I’d post it.Pete Hamills’s Downtown-My Manhattan is a wonderful description of the birth and growth of New York City by a man who is truly in love with this city!Thank you for the recommendation. The Van Dycks soon unite with the English Thomas Master family (he also has a natural Native American daughter, whom he brings with him from Puritan New England). If you did, I’d love to get a look at it.Sorry, no, I never did my own. Pete Hamill reads this book and you can hear the love of the city in his voice!! The story is so clear, so credible, and real historical events and people are woven into the fabric of the plot seamlessly.The story starts in 1664. History comes to life not just in front of you, but in your heart, in your soul, and you feel like you are part of history.I believe he chose the wrong title by naming it “New York: The Novel”. New York’s gift to the storyteller is magnificent: Indian and Dutch beginnings; larger-than-life historical characters like Lord Cornbury, the transvestite British Governor, the socialite Mrs. Astor, and the titanic J.P. Morgan; huge events from the Revolutionary War and the Civil War–when New York threatened to secede from the Union–to the Crash of ’29 and the tragedy of 9/11. Rutherfurd's style is quite transparent, painting

The ancient cities of Europe and the Orient had flourished for thousands of years before the rustic trading center in New Amsterdam began to bustle with ships sailing across the Atlantic into its natural harbor.In this history, the Master family, descended from the earliest traders, is followed through many generations and historical events in NEW YORK: THE NOVEL.

I truly feel I’m living in Manhattan in the 1600’s, 1700’s.

than Manhattan throughout, setting scenes in Niagara and London, the Van Dyck took Pale Feather with him on a trip to New Amsterdam to show her where the “white people” lived when she was about 10 or 12 years old. It wasn’t Tom – it was his son. To the Dutch, New Amsterdam.

Naturally, such notable events as the Civil War draft riots and the 1929 stock market crash are explored—but it's typical of Rutherfurd's approach to portray the 1977 electrical blackout while only alluding to the more easily stereotyped 1965 blackout. His sentences are short and succinct, his vocabulary simple, his prose very easy to read, almost simplistic at times. Seven months later, in March, 1895 in Paris, they presented what was probably the world’s first screening of a film in front of a large audience. Of minor note is that while Rutherfurd's previous A Dutch settler named Dirk van Dyck lived in New Amsterdam on the very southern tip of Manhattan Island. 1863. years before the Civil War.

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