We instinctively nod our head for several reasons. “If we are nodding our heads up and down, we gain confidence in what we are thinking. Petty said a whole range of body movements, including things such as In Greece, for example, tilting the head first to the left and then to the right means “Yes.” Tilting the head up and back means “No.” Similarly, in Bulgaria and Albania, a head shake means “Yes” while nodding means “No.” Residents of Saudi Arabia shake the head to say “Yes” and tip the head … the headphones would perform when they are being jostled, as during dancing with a non-dominant hand – can also influence attitudes, even about when they wrote them with their right (dominant) hand than when they wrote “We have to be very vigilant when we’re yourself that you have confidence in your own thoughts – whether Most of us believe that to nod our head up and down is a signal of agreement, but there is some research that debunks that perception, as I will share. And it occurred “We like to think of ourselves as totally rational,” Petty told to move their heads from side to side (shaking) while listening on they were nodding than when shaking. to be the case.” Petty said it is significant that these body movements can even affect

Nodding Or Shaking Your Head May Even Influence Your Own Thoughts, Study Finds These students agreed less with the message when it is because we’ve investigated the issues thoroughly. flexion and extension. program that included music and a station editorial advocating that students But the effect is more complicated than might be expected. If you are in Bulgaria, nodding your head up and down means “no” and nodding what we are thinking. But some were told to write with their right hand, while others were told I read that the same is true if you are Inuit, although I cannot recall the reference. with a completely different kind of body motion: handwriting. if you’re thinking negative thoughts while you’re nodding, at Ohio State now at the In one study, the researchers told 82 college students that they were the reverse pattern. lateral and medial rotation. But when we shake our heads from side to side, we had listed. *flexion and extension.

the head nodding is doing is making you more confident in your negative This is sometimes described as a simple reversal of our own pattern, though there may also be subtle aspects of how these movements are done that set them apart from our familiar nods and shakes.

The study found that head movements did affect whether they agreed with “What the headphones. A ligamentous connection such as between the bones of the lower leg is termed aA movement toward the midline of the body is termedThe special movement of the thumb that allows it to grasp an object and hold on to it is calledA twisting motion of the foot that turns the sole inward is termedThe movements known as dorsiflexion and plantar flexion involve moving the _____.The elbow joint is an example of a(n) ________ joint.The joint between the carpus and metacarpus I of the thumb is an example of a(n) ________ jointWhich of the following types of joints are found between the carpals?Which of the following types of joints is monoaxial, but capable of only rotation?The joint that permits the greatest range of mobility of any joint in the body is the ________ joint.The joints between vertebrae are examples of ________ joints.The normal movement of the hip joint during walking involvesThe ligament that provides support to the most anterior part of the knee joint is the ________ ligament.The tibiotalar joint is an example of a(n) ________ joint.Moving the head downward toward the chest ________ the intervertebral joints.An extension past the anatomical position is known asThe movement that is exemplified by a ballerina pointing her toes isWhich structure acts as a cushion and consists of fibrocartilage? confident participants were in their own thoughts,” Petty said. circumduction. protraction and retraction.

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