Read all his books, because as you do, he'll teach you his way of thinking, his mindset.People ask, "Why did Warren Buffett spend $35 million to buy silver six years ago?

I'm talking to people that are trying to get their doubles to go faster.

Let's hypothetically say you sell real estate.

Travel with them. 2 0 obj And if you haven't yet subscribed to our YouTube channel, click on the button below to subscribe, and learn the content so you, too, can be a successful entrepreneur.YOU SHOULD ASSUME THAT PRODUCTS THAT I RECOMMEND (BOOKS, MOVIES, ETC.)

So in this video and article, I get into the 20 rules of money.These are the rules of money that I’ve followed. If you want to have a million dollars by 10 years from now, first start with what do you have right now. Because you have to be ready for a crisis.

So focus on your game, your strategies, and your time horizon. And you have to be ready for it because there will be opportunities, if you're prepared.Next, study your politicians, especially your president. It could be $493,000 or $1.9 million or $6.3 million, depending on who is reading this. You need to play YOUR doubles game. What do I mean by double your money?

You're five doubles away from $32,000, 13 doubles away from having $8.192 million, and 14 doubles away from $16 million dollars. If you're 65, your risk tolerance is lower than if you're 22.

For example, in 2008 when the market crisis took place, everybody started pulling their money out. Zero. You're right. Patrick Bet-David is an expert in marketing and has a strong online presence. You have to have a crisis account that's not your emergency fund.A secret account is what saved my business when we were going through a difficult time.
I was part of the community that said it's always the end of the world. That money showed up, I put it back into the business, and we lasted through the tough times. Add everything up from that first check until today.

Other people pay for my first class, but I don't pay for first class. ]ڗ��2 �tc���ER��e`-N�pW So whoever you're going to do business with, befriend them.
Then you play the doubles game. And the more that people make money, the more they'll continue to do business with you.I have strategic partnerships with $400 billion companies, $200 billion companies, and $60 billion companies. People sell exotics because they can no longer afford them.

How much is in your wallet? Diversification is a great concept for financial advisers to sell to people that want to play things safe. You always have to have a secret account.What's a secret account? Your risk tolerance depends on your age. The same is true for men. It’s because you don’t know how to play the money game.

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When I say leverage, I'm not talking about going into debt.

The company's checking account went down to $13,000, and I had payroll, commissions and everything to pay out of it. He has accounts on all social media platforms but his biggest is his YouTube channel. She then goes and finds another guy that says, "I like a girl that takes care of her body and skin, and puts on makeup.

THE PURCHASES YOU MAKE AND ANY OUTCOMES THAT MAY RESULT FROM THEIR PURCHASE. The girl's response is, "Dude, I put on makeup and I work out every day to stay in shape.

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