"I felt slightly better knowing the girls were locked in their rooms but then I realised I had no idea what the scumbags were going to do.

She laid her life on the line for us.

"Staffies do get a lot of stick these days and it can be hard because people try to make them a bully breed. 558 Shares. "A 'hero hound' chased off a gang of machete-wielding burglars – caught on CCTVWhen you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Newsletter. by DJ Pro December 21, 2018, 9:20 pm.

"Jenna had a panic attack and Kayli was on the phone for an ambulance. piru gang salt lake city.

Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. "She'll keep getting them for the rest of her life. How to Prevent Dog Fights. "When I hadn't heard any banging downstairs, I peeked out of the window to see if they were still outside. I heard the end of it but just thought it was a big bang.

You can unsubscribe at any time.Bruce the bulldog was slashed by one of the invadersPaul thinks he was targeted because of his Land RoverBurglars had not considered that brave Macey wouldn't let them away without a fight One time I answered a call for a pit bull on somebody’s stoop. I cried when I realised it was her being hit on the CCTV.

"There's no training for her to have done what she did, it was just her natural instinct to protect us.

"I knew I'd seen a few of them so I just stood three steps down from the top of the stairs and stayed there for a minute but it felt so much louder.

"The thing that really affects me is how this has and will continue to affect my kids. Owned and operated by CharityUSA.com, LLC.

A healthy body needs a healthy mind, and the happier your pitbull terrier is, the greater his chances of victory in a dogfight and the higher his self-esteem and self-confidence will be.

We can never repay her for what she did.

"I'd always questioned what she would do if we were attacked but she darted past me.

As we mentioned above, pit bulls are “people dogs” who enjoy spending time with your family and do not need another dog to be happy. "She's had lots of treats. Jenny did plenty of research in order to give her comic an authentic feel. "Macey moves so fast I don't think they hit her with the machete, but they did kick her across the road. Speaking with Bored Panda, Jenny noted that she was always upset with the way pitbull dogs had been given a bad reputation.

When I saw her sat there looking up at the bedroom like 'I got them dad', I was gobsmacked. One German illustrator, Jenny Jinya, ended up creating a very good but also a very sad comic that brings awareness to animal abuse.
If there’s no other dog around, there’s no one for your pit bull to fight with.

More From: Fights.

Hero dog fights off machete-welding hooded thieves who smashed into family home Dad-of-four Paul Davis' house in Birmingham was attacked by hooded thugs before his devoted Staffordshire bull terrier Macey "laid her life on the line" for her family "I just don't want this happening to any other families.

There's lots of dog fighting in the Eastern District. Don’t miss out on new posts. ... “PitBull Dog” In The Hood Fight to death. He likes dog fighting. That’s why I want to first notice that unless you have a quite a bit of experience with dogs and their aggressive behavior you should never try to break up a dogs fight. Breaking Up A Dog Fight: DO’S And DONT’S. I couldn't see anything even when I looked up and down the road. "I think she saved my life that night and probably that of Jenna and the girls too. Follow Music Marketing Engine on Instagram @powertomakestars Carlos Vacation - Now That I'm Boss.

Kayli hasn't been able to sleep.

Comics are a great way of broaching subjects that might otherwise be seen as sensitive. That is how she discovered that pitbull puppies are normally taken from regular households and then abused and trained to become fighting dogs. A couple more houses were tried by them on our street, one on our side of the road and another on the opposite side. Many cops I worked with were very upset at animal mistreatment. "She's such a big part of our family and just a really lovely dog with the kids. "I haven't eaten since. Kortney has gone to stay at my mum's for now.
and reach millions! 605 Shares. All I could think was I need to look after Jenna and the girls. "The other angle is great because you can see her chasing them off.

Police had to use a Taser twice on a pit bull in order to free another dog from its jaws. 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD PRO: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive, CRAWL and Review.

Email address: "Despite the emotional effects, at least Paul and his family know that Macey will always be prepared to protect them.Jenna said: "I just love the fact you can see Macey looking up at the window all proud like 'I did it dad, I got rid of them'.

Funds are paid by Please support the Animal Rescue Site by adding us to your ad blocker’s whitelist. He's not the only one.

It is essential that you train a dog properly and takeresponsibility for choosing his opponent yourself-do this, and your pit bull terrier will be confident.

My belly is rumbling but I'm not hungry.

Ourexplains more about how we use your data, and your rights. A brutal dog fight was caught on camera in Michigan. She wouldn't bite anyone even if we told her to. But now she’s created one that features an abused fighting dog.So incredibly sad, but we’re so glad that she’s using her artistic talents to shed some light on an important issue. She slept in the bed with me last night, we bought her a dog cake and a bottle of dog beer. The #1 best way to prevent dog fights in your home is to make the pit bull your only pet. "Bruce has got little man syndrome and he must have run downstairs first. All rights reserved.

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