There is no reason to expect otherwise from H&K.

Kahr came out with the S series last year which is the first line they say does not require a break in period due to the process they go thru on the manufacturing line.As I said, I’m an admitted Glock fanboy, and my personal Glocks make up the largest part of my collection. If you fire 10,000 rounds, the Glock may edge it out, but for the number of rounds we are ever likely to fire, the VP9 keeps up.Yup, trends. I fired every round of that ammo then promptly traded in the gun the next day. Still, when asking around these were among the most commonly carried pistols.To be fair, the ones I shot for this article all did well, though they still shot a little to the right. I own quite a few on this list. I do this with any handgun I consider for my own carry rotation though so for me that is just part of the normal procedure when I buy a new gun. , just cycle the pistol.I own many many more but these are the one I like.”I own many many more but these are the one I like.”I am personally a canik fanatic. They are the granddaddy of compact, concealable pistols after all. A truly ambidextrous magazine release and optimized controls mean that this XD 3" Sub-Compact runs fast and shoots straight. It may not be empirical evidence, but it was gathered from reliable sources.Concealability: There aren’t any full-sized handguns here.
They seem to have a few hiccups until you break them in, but they ran like a champ after the first couple hundred rounds.The CM9 and CW9 are so close in specs that I would be hard pressed to tell the difference from across a room. When we look at size, weight, and capacity in modern handguns, our perception of those numbers is based on the Glock even if we don’t realize it.Glocks were a revolution and existed without challenge for over a decade, but as more companies enter the striker-fired, polymer pistol market, Glock is going to have some stiff competition. All in all, I would call this a fine weapon.Springfield’s entry into the world of single-stack slimline pistols is also surprisingly good. I can shoot it almost as good as my larger frame guns. I admit the H&K is a tempting choice, but I think I get a better gun out of any of the above for the money.I have carried a G19 for a long time and have shot thousands of rounds through it during my own range time and at sanctioned classes and matches. Below are a few new options that have entered the market in 2019. The Sig P365 is much like other pistols in that respect. It takes a lot of engineering to get it right. Still, for size, weight, and price there are few guns that can beat a Glock. I don’t own this gun but I do own a Taurus 24/7 OSS DS full size 9mm w/ 5 1/4 in barrell. I wouldn’t consider Kahr second tier, but actually one of the pioneers of the single stack deep conceal 9mm. I would never say that Ruger is my favorite gun company, but I seem to own more Ruger’s than any other brand, like 30 or so. These new models are quite accurate and seem to function well, if not so well as some of the more esteemed competitors.Now, if you want a real spiritual successor to that PPK that Bond carried way back in Dr. No, it's the PPS. Just such a good gun, it has to be on a list like this. The XD® 3" Sub-Compact 9mm Low Capacity offers hand-filling comfort in a packable chassis along with a 10-round magazine for restricted locales. Beide Bereiche basieren auf der nun 130 Jahre alten Geschichte exzellenten Waffenbaus im Zeichen der „WALTHER-Schleife“. For a pistol that is a mere nine-tenths of an inch thick, it manages to be comfortable to hold and fire. I am happy to see the P320 step into that role and do it very well.

Pingback: 15 Best SubCompact 9mm Guns For CCW - June 2020 - USA Gun Shop June 23, 2020. I got the typo corrected now, but I would love to have one of those too!Great review and suggestions. The handle has a bit more length than the standard which helps to keep a firm purchase on the gun. Plenty of great options to choose from for your concealed carry gun. It was total crap!But FN finally pulled themselves together and made a proper pistol. When it comes to the 9mm option, what a great little gun! And believe us, it’s not a pistol you really want to underestimate. I was reading your comment about the Taurus millennium not shooting straight. It took a few years and a few versions before they got everything nailed down.The new Mod 2 models have exceeded expectations and are a decent, solid pistol. Consistently, I have seen far less issues out of a Glock than any other brand on the market.The M&P took some time to grow on me, I will admit. A 7 shot 9mm revolver in a classic L frame from Smith & Wesson. Not with ammo tho. It was nothing more than an expensive paperweight.So, when they released the M&P series in 2005, I was less than enthused. They were actually far better than what I expected. The Glock G43 G3 9mm is undoubtedly the clear-cut favorite for subcompact pistols. In a panic situation where you are unlikely to get a proper grip on your gun, the grip safety becomes a huge liability.Several including the Kahr, Walther, FN and Taurus just don’t have enough of a reputation yet for me to trust my life with. The modern G26 has been updated to deal with the lighter slide and stiffer recoil. It’s about time they made a proper polymer pistol that we can be proud of.Other than Glock, I can’t think of any other company that has such a long running reputation of tough, dependable firearms as H&K. But hate if you want to, your mileage with a specific gun may vary, but from my own experience, these are the ones I would pick.These were all easy choices. For many, it was no surprise that the U.S. military selected a Sig to replace the aging Beretta M9.

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