You can also get some good money out of it and often a new weapon. Be sure to collect the hidden stash from under a crate in the barn, along with the Weapon Case in the house.

Robbery is an integral part of Red Dead Redemption 2; for this very purpose, we have drafted RDR2 Robbery Guide that will focus on the various locations, and the walkthrough, on …

Once you have enough information, talk to the shop owner, and he will reveal the shop’s deepest secret.Without further ado, let us hint at the locations of these shops:Shoot the boy’s chains to free him and then loot the Lockbox, along with the Weapon Case that has the Lancaster Repeater in it.Head up to the third floor and enter the second door. These locations are all pretty popular spots, so be sure to have proper equipment before proceeding.You can also vouch for a stealth robbery but only if its dark enough. Some shop owners in the game, however, have side businesses or illegal activities inside their shops. These missions, which became available in Chapter 2, are tied to the strangers' random events that can happen at any time while traveling.The events that must be completed are those focused on escaped criminals: by freeing them, they will reveal the location of a house that can be robbed.

You won’t get a bounty, though, since no witnesses are around.If you end up getting stuck at another point, you might want to check out some of the other guides we have. Robbery location north of strawberry? More will be added later onwards.

You can revisit her multiple times and when you help her with a shooting lesson during one of these visits, you’re allowed to loot a Jewelry Box in her bedroom when you wake up.Have you ever been scammed by a shop so bad that you’ve wanted to just rob the heck out of them? You have to wait for a train to arrive at your location and hop onto it. You can then take out all the guards by using your Dead Eye skill. share. Be warned that each item taken or robbing the cash register will decrease your honor. Basically, go from Rigg’s Station to Strawberry. You can do this in this ultimate crime simulator: Red Dead Redemption 2.Shop robberies are a unique part of Red Dead Redemption 2 Robbery feature.Do note that some of the shops have small stories to tell, and rewards for you to claim. Hope that helps!Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 allows you to either…Ending a flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020…Liveries are airplane skins in Microsoft Flight Simulator…Bush missions are special challenges in Microsoft Flight…Gosu Noob Copyright © 2012-2020 All Rights Reserved.All content, including text, images and other media, provided on this site are owned by Mmorpg life DOO or affiliated Trademarks and protected by international copyright laws unless otherwise noted. If you go inside and start to look around, you’ll get the feeling that something is not quite right.

They might pass out if you wait long enough and then simply sneak in to loot the house. Question.

The home robbery involving a wealthy couple north of Van Horn … Aim your weapon at the owner. General store in the town of Strawberry in Red Dead 2 has a side business that you can rob. This thread is archived. This can be done without getting a bounty or reducing your honor. Mainly because you’ll find some bones in a cabinet upstairs. Once you’re back upstairs, she’ll call you out for robbing from her and swear her sons will make you pay.Come back a day later and the sons will attack you so kill them all along with her (she’ll be shooting at you too) before going inside to loot the lockbox on the table.

save hide report. Then you need to head towards the engine car and threaten the driver to stop the train. In this article we’ll discuss You have to find a window to peek through on the general store building to determine there’s a side business in there. Make sure you don’t drop any statues by driving recklessly as this well lead to a lesser payout.The passenger will run so tackle and interrogate him until he points out the location of the lockbox. General store in the town of Strawberry in Red Dead 2 has a side business that you can rob. 10 comments.

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