Note there are a few pervy optional events in there but they don't cause any trust decreases at least in this event.After completing the required events the light bulb appears on her face, allowing you to move to the last phase.This final phase is mainly flirting, and has a few pervy events. Sakura Wars (2020) is a reboot of the popular Sakura War Franchise from Japan and the sixth mainline entry to the series. This is a raid event which the game will tell you about. Now after this fight, you will have a cutscene with a choice in it.From there continue forward killing enemies you will encounter enemies which fire on you from a range, these can be a pain but you can usge Claris to shoot them and take them down quickly. The pages here are to provide a comprehensive guide for Sakura Wars in a Wiki style format. Some of these may give varying trust results which i will list but the final decision is yours but i will give my recommendation if you want max Trust for as many people as possible.After the scenes run to the dining hall and then speak to the person who just entered. Fill it to Max for trust gain.After this event you will leave her room but you will notice outside the door is one final bromide.

I recommend doing as many events beyond the required for this one with exception to the pervy one for hidden trust gains if applicable.Once the light bulbs appears you can end the event here. And then one last choice towards the end.With that this chapter ends. After dealing with them, climb the next wall for another large group of enemies. Sakura Wars walkthrough: complete guide for the 2019/20 reboot. For Sakura Wars on the PlayStation 4, Guide and Walkthrough by vreaper. Welcome to Neoseeker's Sakura Wars Guide. And the boss will appear.This boss is very simple to defeat, it flies around and summons shooting drones, there are two ways to deal with it, use jumping attackings to deal damage, until it falls or use claris' long range fire to shoot it and the drones until it falls, use her special attack the start can allow for a lot of damage. Both players draw 8 cards from the deck and 8 cards are placed on the field. Now it's time for some secondary events.After that make sure to buy another bromide from her. The first one is on the second floor of the main hall, interact with the platform and then answer anything (Choose tell a joke for a funny line).Then go to the elevator and head to the hangar and speak to Reiji, you can reply anything here (Killing time is a funny scene).Now you can head up to your room to end this phase. Go upstairs and knock on Azami's door, the correct answer is Kawa but there is no trust gain either way.Once here speak to her and then return to Sumire. Once done with this portion you will get a cutscene in the next large open space.You will then fight a large number of enemies, including flying and other types, a hellfiend will show up to help wrap it up, and then more of ranged enemies will appear but with a chained lightning between them, these will regenerate even as you kill them, and can't be beaten use this chance to scoop up Special gauge charge.You will then have another scene and choice well one choice just answer: Claris isn’t like you! Note: As before the bromides and events you didn't do will be lost for this playthrough.After the scenes you will get a text from Reiji and then have a scene with him on stage. Since the game has several potential romance options, we decided to make this guide to help players build their trust with each character.

Also the note in the Library has changed.
If a player chooses stop, it ends the current round and the deck, field, claimed cards and hands are reset.However a player can call Koi Koi, to continue this round to try and get more sets to do more damage, however this allows the other player a chance to get a set, if the other player does get a set, the choice of Koi Koi or Stop now applies to them, if they choose stop their set is subtracted from the player's but the player's set isnt subtracted from their's.If a player calls Koi Koi but is unable to get another set and runs out of cards, or if both players run out of cards but make no sets, then the round ends with Dealer's advantage and just one Mon is subtracted from the not-dealer's Mon.During the first round you start as the dealers but in subsequent rounds the dealer is the winner of the previous round.Once able to move you will have a few secondary missions and more bromides to find.

Then after Kamiyama is out of the costume:After that leave her office, you will now have a number of secondary events, and a bit more. First the bromides.The first is in the parlor on the circular table, the other 2 i will tell you as you go through secondary events.Go into the Archives and speak to Claris, she will ask you to bring her 3 books, you get trust depending on how many of the correct books you bring her. You will get help from Sakura and Hatsuho here but they tend to steal your kills so be quick.

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