He was suspicious, too - that Sally was having an affair with a mysterious Norwegian. It’s something I’ll never forget.”A one-off last year went down so well that three new two-part dramas start on BBC1 this week.Henshall plays DI Jimmy Perez with Alison as his trusty sidekick DC “Tosh” MacIntosh.Brian Cox, Alex Norton and David Hayman are among the other stellar Scots acting talent.As a relative newcomer Alison admits she took every opportunity to learn and found new pal Dougie especially helpful.“Shetland’s my first big TV role and Dougie took me under his wing,” admits 31-year-old Motherwell girl Alison.“He made me feel like no question was too stupid to ask. We were on top of a cliff and it can feel quite edgy.But the islands have wormed their way into Alison’s affections and she has her own little spots she loves to go to and show off to visitors.“I’ve got to know people and you find yourself walking down the high street and recognising locals,” adds Alison.“If you go to eat out you know the staff and everyone is so welcoming and hospitable.Get a round-up of stories from The Sunday Post every week Anyway. Apparently.But (technical detail alert!) Only not yet, obviously. and they demand Malone admits his guilt (for Sally? It’s wildly beautiful Fair Isle and you’re on location with two of Scotland’s top actors, Douglas Henshall and Bill Paterson.What do you do? “I remember giving that girl her measles jab.” Stab, jab...I’m suspicious.Malone goes for a local radio interview and it appears that BBC Radio Shetland has been spectacularly upgraded.

Duncan is Alan Killick’s father, possibly Molly’s too. Shetland (TV Series 2013– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Anyway, first we have an extremely bearded man behind bars - looking very Shetlandic in the mode of a young Lord Norman Lamont or possibly a hipster barista. She’s back from Glasgow or somewhere, a loser in love, and she doesn’t fancy a pizza. )Tosh confirms that she “isn’t ready” to leave Shetland and stares solemnly and agonisingly into a toilet mirror for some time.

Drew swears on his wife’s grave that Malone’s guilty. Talk widget showing discussions of the day & trending threads Thomas Malone is as much a victim of this crime as my sister was.” Jings. I must admit I preferred her when she was a noisy, perpetually hungover wee drunk and far and away the best thing in series one. That’s the surreal experience Alison O’Donnell found herself in shooting new BBC drama Shetland.“My best memory of the whole series was filming on Fair Isle,” Alison told The Sunday Post.“There are only 65 permanent residents and it has this gorgeous atmosphere.

Yes the actress playing Tosh is pregnant not the character. It’s called The Shetland Chronicle (the real one is The Shetland Times), and now the plot is inexorably moving along and heading towards Norway. Could she be pregnant? Meanwhile, Jimmy is listening to the original police interview tapes and there is a Mysterious Gap before Malone’s admission of guilt. But I thought it was lovely that they felt they could come and share that.

There was even a Shetland-themed fancy dress bash, which she unfortunately missed out on.“I’ve got a baby so my social life is off the table,” she laughs.
DH is absolutely gorgeous, he gets better every week. The foul rag and bone shop of the heart.
Shetland star Alison O’Donnell has told of the joy of seeing her character find some on-screen happiness. Certainly compared to Shetland’s last open air festival - Glusstonberry - which was boiling hot and had real toilets that flushed, not the chemical ones Tosh is averse to. Thomas Malone is drinking beer for breakfast and smoking suspiciously. Well, Malone gets a kicking, mostly from Alan, but is rescued by Kate Kilmuir (TWIN SISTER ALERT! We will never get rid of it completely.“But she is happier and it was really nice to have something that’s full of joy.The fact that the attack is something that will always play a part is something welcomed by Alison, who’s proud of the way it was carefully handled.“I think there has been a tendency historically to use those storylines to sensationalise,” she adds.“It was close to our hearts to do it in a way that shows the woman’s story.“I think if I’d had to do that storyline in a play it would have been a million times worse because you have to keep doing it every night.“But with TV you know what the tough days are going to be and that those are the big moments so I was able to mentally prepare myself, let myself go there and then it’s done and in the can.“Then I’d try to have a little bit of self-care, whether that was an early night or a late night. Killings in kilns!

It’s got to be time for an open air folk festival, shot at Gardie House on the island of Bressay, but we’re meant to think it’s on the (Shetland) Mainland. He’s just odd so I feel sorry for him.I no longer have any clue whodunnit so roll on next week. Hooray!And boo!

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