This has the most powerful bite. Wiki.

The Siberian Tiger is indeed heavier than the African Lion but however the weight difference is not much. Explore properties.

A small tiger vs a small saltwater crocodile. So I say it mostly wins on land and water.Here are some reasons to favour the crocodile in water:I also back the crocodile here.

Who wins?While there are instances of Tigers preying on Crocs, a Dems gots lotsa teeths, and dey's mighty ornery wit dat tail.Can't keep the creole up, but a full grown croc can 3x the size of the tiger and very powerful. Them tiger's just a bit cat, curious as a kitten. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I just don't see the tiger being able to do much. The jaw closing muscles of this crocodile increase its biting power. Silverback gorilla fights the lion, and the lion kills the gorilla. The debate bear vs tiger / lion has already been debated and the bear wins ... it wont beat a bear they can weigh more than twice as much as a siberian tiger. Interspecific Conflict Round 1: Body Builder vs Xenomorph Round 2: Saltwater Crocodile vs Xenomorph Round 3: Siberian Tiger vs Xenomorph Round 4: Grey Wolf pack vs … It's gonna come pokin' at the crocodile with its paw and get eaten for its trouble.New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be castIf you love to imagine the planet-exploding battles of the fictional gods who will never be, taking pointless knowledge gathered from a life spent reading and gaming and swinging it like a gladiator's sword in discussions on reddit... then welcome home, my friend. On land, the tiger has the edge. However, opening muscles are very weak like American Alligator. And crocs are explosive, even on land, eventually its gonna get its teeth in and then its game over.It should also be noted that it is, in my uneducated opinion, easier to land a mortal blow on the tiger.

- Picture of 'Noon' the tigress rushing into the water and appropriating a sambar carcass from a DOZEN crocodiles - Her water-based predation enables her to compete successfully with the crocodiles for prey:
The crocodile would kill the tiger by launching out of the water and grabbing it by the head or neck dragging it into the water where it would either bleed to death or drown. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcutsCookies help us deliver our Services. Both have room to grow but the crocodile is further from it's max. The croc will get overpowered quickly.I think the tiger might win on land but in shallow or deep water I back the crocodile for sure.why is this thread goin on? Fight takes place in a 25 x 25 meter cage. Their durability is unmatched. Interspecific Conflict At parity tho, and on land, this would be a very interesting and close fight, maybe with a slight edge for the tiger. They're freaks. Snarling viciously she slaps at the water and the crocodiles are FORCED TO RETREAT. Overall the tiger wins.I think shallow water should be enough for the Croc to win often as its spinny spinny roll of death will be faster than on land and it should be able to drown the cat if it doesnt die from the Crocs jaws alone. Considering this, and the chart I posted above of a Tiger's prey items, a Lolong sized crocodile is still well outside a Tiger's punching weight and prey size. They are the largest species of crocodiles so I'm assuming its a saltwater crocodile. A fight between an aggressive saltwater crocodile and an adult male Bengal tiger was recorded by a group of fisherman. Related Discussions Sunderbans tiger defeats a Saltwater crocodile ( The account says "Alligator" but its a Saltwater crocodile, as this fight took place in the Sunderbans, where alligators don't … Who would win on land and who would win underwater?Do you mean a saltwater crocodile? Camila Cabello Wiki. Interspecific Conflict

From Valmik Thapar's book - Tigers: the secret lifeTigress "Arrowhead" ( Machli's granddaughter ) stalking a Crocodile:This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our Sunderbans tiger kills a giant Saltwater crocodile - that was estimated to be around 1800-pounds!There are instances of fights between crocodile's and tigers in Ranthambore Tiger Reserve of India over prey, but in the end the tiger won the battle:Observations from leading tiger expert and historian - Valmik Thapar ( Land of the Tiger, Tiger - Portrait of a Predator )Male tiger named "Genghis" was notorious for dominating and regularly ( Directly ) usurping kills from even large Crocodiles in deep water!Genghis displaces several crocodiles from a kill in deep water - and swims 50 meters back to shore with an adult Sambar deer in his mouth, displaying immense strength and endurance!Genghis got into aggressive conflict with the larger crocodiles, and still dominated and displaced them:Genghis over-powers several crocodiles in the water! 9. Anyways, it seems that the majority of the people favor the crocodile, no surprise there, I do too.I favour the tiger in land and shallow water.
Saltwater Crocodile. Tiger Malachi, one of the worlds largest tigers vs a 13.5ft Mugger crocodile. Saltwater Crocodile VS Siberian Tiger Discussion in 'Outskirts Battledome Archive' started by FireEel, May 20, 2007. The length of this reptile is around 20 feet and its weight would be around 2200 lbs. But anywhere near water it would be the crocodile who won. Could It Be Possible for A Smilodon and a Siberian Tiger went head to head. Since he also spent long periods around the lake, he would regularly usurp the kills from the crocodiles:Here's a picture of Genghis aggressively approaching a Crocodile that's partly immersed in the shallows...Genghis would charge into the water, snarl ferociously at crocodiles feasting on a sambar carcass, Eye-witness account of a tiger that killed and tore apart a Crocodile: ( The account says "Alligator" but its a Saltwater crocodile, as this fight took place in the Sunderbans, where alligators don't live, let alone even exist in Asia. ) The tiger then suddenly spots the bear. Tiger famous for killing CROCODILES to save her offspring dies A TIGER made famous by her life and death fight with a crocodile caught on film has died at the grand age of 19. I would usually go with size and strength.

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