As such, you will find some marketers calling it the Same to the other color variants, the species comes in both longfin and shortfin configurations.The care and maintenance needs are also not any different from the other types. The longfin bristlenose pleco comes in all color variations, but what sets it apart is the tail and fins, which are comparatively longer than on the common bristlenose pleco. Thus, it’s not odd to buy one labeled as such, but turns out to be an average albino bushynose.As for the maintenance and care needs, the longtail bristlenose is not any different from the other types, so it should be pretty straight forward to maintain if you’ve kept bushynose plecos before.As I’ve mentioned above, the short and longfin bristlenose are types that cut across all color variants.Certainly, the shortfin would then be any bristlenose with lesser fins or rather fishes that do not bare flowing tails and flippers.They are not as popular as their long-finned siblings, but from my experience, they suffer less fin damage from nipping and fin rot. And without a doubt, the will pricey than your common bushynose.The blue-eyed bristlenose pleco, like the green dragon, is another aquaria bred variant that is highly sought after.This species usually has a hint of blue in the eyes and an overall lemon yellow body. It’s maintenance needs are also not unique in any way, you only need to ensure your pleco is well fed.Please note that because the albino pleco is quite conspicuous, the fish might be picked on by small-fast nippers like As such, you also don’t want to keep yours with cichlids, particularly species from Africa like Albino bristlenose plecos should be given algae-based foods combined with fresh vegetable and occasional treats of live or frozen meaty foods.The best part about keeping this type of bristlenose is that the shades on their bodies will sometimes appear solid-green with light-green stripes, somewhat of a camouflage thing going on.And other times, they’ll be fully solid-dark-green.The patterns change seems to change based on the fish mood and lighting which is quite impressive.Plus, caring for green dragon bristlenose pleco is not any different from other species, so you should be able to easily keep them in your fish tank.The only challenge you may encounter is scarcity; getting them can be quite the hassle.

So you’ll want to have a bigger tank than you usually would have with any of the other species.Get exclusive the tips, that we only share with our subscribers. It is not known to eat wood heavily like some plecos ( Panaque sp., etc. As you may already know, the most common variety of the longfin bristlenose is the albino-longfin, which is priced both for the somewhat superior color and fin configuration. A generally peaceful and hardy species, the Super Red Bristlenose Pleco is an excellent, undemanding candidate for most aquariums. Order for delivery or pickup in store now in Oakland, CA. Aquarium fish differ from those in oceans and streams.On this page, we’ve made a ton of well-structured posts revolving around the care of aquarium fish to help you navigate the hobby with ease. This Ancistrus is of the Long Fin variation. ), but it may benefit from some supplementary wood (or bio-film on driftwood). I agree to receive your newsletters and to terms and conditions.This site uses cookies. All fish are shipped directly to your front door. Instead, they show an orange coloration close to, but more brilliant than an albino nose pleco.The wild habitat of the red bristlenose ancestral species is in the smaller tributaries and backwater of Northers and Central portions of South America.Usually, the streams contain small rocks, sandy substrates, and submerged tree roots.For that reason, replicating this environment in your aquarium is highly recommended for your fishes safety and comfort.Breeding super red bristlenose plecos is similar to any other type, though candidates with more solid color formations are preferable resale to display aquarium owners.Which is also the reason the species was created in the first place!The maintenance needs are quite basic, including feeding and breeding, even for beginners without much experience keeping Ancistrus.They are mostly brown, green, or gray in color with white or yellow spots.

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