By now everything should be clear to you. It produces a muzzle energy (cell B10) lower than some .38 Special (i.e. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.Gun News Daily is the longest running gun news website in the US. There were even a few authorities on the subject claiming the .44 Special is one of the best cartridges ever made — Elmer Keith was one of them. overpressured +P) loads.Factory .44 Magnum standard loads have a SAAMI-recommended pressure rating of ; +P variants do not have a SAAMI-specified pressure rating, nor do +P+ loads.

This The .454 Casull remains unsurpassed in this caliber showdown as far as ballistics. As one of the few surviving revolver calibers from more than a hundred years ago (112 years to be exact, i.e. The only downside to these is their price.Below is yet another boring but important table with data on some of the most common factory loads available for the two competing cartridges. Both are big bore magnum revolver calibers way too powerful for concealed carry personal defense. Some of the loads they developed approached and even exceeded .44 Magnum power levels (albeit the gains being only marginal). that in the 1930s shortly after abandoning his .45 Colt, when he was still casting bullets for his hot-loaded .38 Special (i.e. Doing the same search for revolvers in .454 Casull returns 12 different revolver SKUs. taurus m44 vs raging bull, taurus model 44, taurus model 44 cp, taurus model 44 vs raging bull, taurus model 44cp. it became available in 1907) and one of the earliest smokeless powder cartridges, it’s sad how cartridge. People only started developing handloads for the .45 Colt as a result of two men’s painstaking labors and a gun magazine raving about the subject.Not too many sources are available on the subject but what we know is, in the early 1950s long before the .44 Magnum came out, custom revolver gunsmith and wildcat cartridge developer Dick Casull and a friend of his, Jack Fulmer, started playing around with several different loads for the .45 Colt.What Dick and Jack set out to prove was that even with its outdated black-powder-era thin walls, the .45 Colt case to higher pressures and when fired from a robustly-built revolver, it is capable of unprecedented levels of ballistics, far exceeding that of the most powerful cartridge at the time, the .357 Magnum. And two, if you want power without the risk of blowing your hands, .454 Casull factory ammo do not exceed SAAMI pressure limits, making them a safer bet. We have not had to send one back and have even had several used ones come through the shop, all tight, crisp and well timed. Ackley’s column in the. has a max load that calls for a gas-checked 330-grain lead flat nose on top of 20.8 grains of H110 using large pistol primer. Dick determined that having six chambers in the cylinder made its walls thinner, so with the help of his gunsmith employer (who was also a writer for Guns & Ammo magazine),, he ended up with a hand-built custom revolver that had a five-shot cylinder, re-heat-treated frame and a barrel with 1:24 twist rate. Downside is that it takes two hands to open it up. We may earn a commission when you purchase through one of our links.We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. single action, as a dedicated pistol for use with the .45-caliber magnum cartridge which was only then christened as the .454 Casull. The ) — yet its creator still felt a need to come up with something more powerful. GND is community supported. The Raging Bull is a revolver manufactured by the Brazilian Taurus International firearm company.. The Raging Bull is the best of the Taurus revolvers from a "factory fresh" standpoint. It would slowly catch on until it becomes a proprietary round with Federal in charge of forming the brass and a company called (which Dick Casull founded with yet another gun nut, in 1978) loading the cartridge.

Hopefully by the end of this, you’d be so knowledgeable on this subject people would think you’re a magnum revolver expert.

I recently got an email from Taurusabout one of their newer lines of big bore magnum revolvers, the Raging Hunter series, which was initially available only in .44 Magnum. I think the .45 Colt should have been named the .45 Special because despite Elmer Keith’s arguments against it, it truly is special. As with the .357 Magnum, he made the suggestion to lengthen the .44 Magnum’s case so it won’t chamber in .44 Special revolvers.Unfortunately for its parent cartridge — the .44 Special fell into obscurity, even with the efforts of yet another legendary gun expert,So much for the .44 Magnum and its parent cartridge. he hot-loaded it to ballistic levels well above what its original factory loadings made it capable of), he also did for the .44 Special. has a max load that calls for a gas-checked 335-grain lead flat nose on top of 26 grains of RAMSHOT Enforcer using small rifle primer.

Despite being one of the oldest big bore centerfire cartridges and being able to withstand significantly lower chamber pressures compared to modern smokeless powder cartridges (no thanks to its thinner wall designed from the black powder era), to this day In its heyday, no other handgun cartridge can match the .45 Colt in terms of ballistics performance. And like the .44 Magnum, the case was lengthened so it won’t chamber in .45 Colt revolvers.

Below is a helpful (if not a little boring) table with all the numbers you might need if you’re one of the geeks among us.We included the numbers for .44 Special and .45 Colt in the table for a bit more context.

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