"Y...yeah I think you got the point across."
She continued running her fingers through his hair, something she had done many times over the years as an effort to calm him down.She picked him up carefully, trying not to hurt him.and Artemis knew her mistake the moment the burns covering him cracked open and he jolted away from her.His eyes were wide like plates, and glazed with pain. One thing was different. He shadow-travelled down to where his crazy friend was stood, still grinning like a maniac. I think he may have wiped my memories.” Artemis nodded.“If you ever need me don't be afraid to ask.

He nodded, his smile fading. He tortured you for months… He’s the freaking king of the gods! “‘Pollo.. I was terrified. He just sat there staring at her, looking more terrified than before. Nico and Thalia had tried their hardest to stop him but without avail. The more he studied Apollo, the angrier he got. That's how bored he was. He never wished that feeling of helplessness on anyone. Percy actually timed it. When Zeus saw Apollo, thunder rumbled and he looked absolutely livid. But he did, so she did what any good sister would.

Nico gulped, mumbled an apology and tore off round the other side of the house, both Gods in hot pursuit.

Nico and Thalia's eyes were as wide as dinner plates. Don't get me wrong i HATE your haikus. Then put boiling water in a fire hose and douse yourself in it endlessly.
I had missed most of the school year and I am pretty sure that my mortal friends will have a lot of questions. She scowled. Percy Jackson DC Universe crossover Percy is Betrayed by his remaining friends, is is blessed by the Olympians to be their Champion, he has the imortallity of a hunter, he trained with the gods but when he compketes his training with them they send him … Percy ran down to her and grabbed one of the parents wrists. Think of the example that you're setting for the children around you," Annabeth said. “At 3 months I was despairing. Artemis laughed humorlessly and guided the glass to his mouth, knowing he would spill if she didn't. She returned the stygian sleep it to the trunk before turning to Thalia. Oh the horror. Phobos was born to Ares and Aphrodite. But when he couldn't get away and there father spoke to him he looked small and scared. He was nice, cunning, and and amazing archer. Everyone could see the difference in his behavior. He sobbed into her, and she just held him. Even if it meant her getting hurt in the process.They ascended to Olympus together, Apollo having recovered enough strength to do basic things like float.

"We can kill it though, right?" “I'll go get her.” She finally said, before she dashed off to get her. Artemis didn't know what she was suspecting when Apollo walked into her tent, but she certainly wasn't expecting him to walk in nervously then dash over and hug her tightly.

She watched as Apollo flinched back and covered his head.

Pairing Percy/Annabeth.

Reading Percy Jackson with the Gods.

Am I correct?” Zeus would have smited both of them right then and there if not for Poseidon's horrified gasp. Thalia stared at them, her eyes wide with shock and disbelief. "The gods are coming. He sat up again when he heard the tent flap open, Thalia Grace was staring at him. In the distance, he saw a figure emerge from the Poseidon cabin. I had no way of regaining energy. All the people there had some relationship with the gods weather it was good or not. -This happens after the "The Hero's of Olympus" books.- These charters belong to Rick Riordan. He beat the shit out of me multiple times. This was going to be an interesting day.Nico was also bored. But then she noticed something, he wasn't staring at anyone. His Roman counterpart is Timor.

It was smashed beyond repair.. But as she gazed at the charred bow and arrows, she felt deep hatred for her father.It had been three months since Zeus vaporized Apollo, and Olympus was unusually quiet. “First of all, My name is Apollo is 6 syllables you idiot. He tried not to damage the weapon further as he transferred it to it's box, and he managed to get the charred weapon into the box without incident. He picked up the box and started running. He gave Percy a death glare. “He also started roasting me in greek fire endlessly. He still hadn't spoken a single word to her other that the repeated thank you’s and the thing about her coming and Zeus draining his newly regained immortality again. Hestia who was normally tending the hearth watched nervously. I found him before that happened but.. Well, you see..”By the time they were finished, Apollo was covered in bandages almost head to toe. He finally pulled away.“you don't need to continue if you don't want to” Artemis started.“No it's fine.. i'm fine…” He takes a deep breath and continues. Apollo was laughing at something on his phone, he didn't notice the grins on the gods faces. She could feel him trembling beneath her arm. "We need to go help some campers. When Hermes went to tell Artemis, she went into a panic. None of the hunters knew what was going on so they had theories. Shock ran through him. Just the need to protect.Apollo wasn't on Olympus often, and had one of his godly sons run his chariot. She was going to protect Apollo. Your safe now Pollo… Go to sleep…” He shifted for a moment, trying to fight the spell. Mostly with Aphrodite she looked like what you think is most beautiful. She figured it was annoyance. Nico learns a new game from Hades. She looked at him quizzically, he nodded violently. Thalia looked as if she were about to faint. ''You are asking for trouble, dearest step-mother.'' He was on the verge of climbing to the top of the Big House and leaping off.

In that place where you found me. Poseidon was staring at Apollo like he was some sort of ghost. -This happens after the "The Hero's of Olympus" books.-

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