CommonLit has identified one or more texts from our collection to pair with Jack and the Beanstalk, based on similar themes, literary devices, topic, or writing style. ""What could induce me?" And now the phrase had become literally true. answer choices . "For Marygold did not know that she had been a little golden statue; nor could she remember anything that had happened since the moment when she ran with outstretched arms to comfort poor King Midas.Her father did not think it necessary to tell his beloved child how very foolish he had been, but contented himself with showing how much wiser he had now grown. thought he, leaning back in his chair, and looking quite enviously at little Marygold, who was now eating her bread and milk with great satisfaction. All the beautiful roses, that smelled so sweetly and had so many lovely blushes, are blighted and spoilt! As he scampered along, and forced his way through the shrubbery, it was positively marvelous to see how the foliage turned yellow behind him, as if the autumn had been there, and nowhere else. At his first touch, it assumed the appearance of such a splendidly bound and gilt-edged volume as one often meets with, nowadays; but, on running his fingers through the leaves, behold! observed the stranger. Certainly, although his figure intercepted the sunshine, there was now a brighter gleam upon all the piled-up treasures than before. Its little bones were now golden wires; its fins and tail were thin plates of gold; and there were the marks of the fork in it, and all the delicate, frothy appearance of a nicely fried fish, exactly imitated in metal. You would have laughed to hear how noisily it babbled about this accident.
"Come, children, come!" An excellent tool to use as the students read the story or as an assessment at the end. He found his mouth full, not of mealy potato, but of solid metal, which so burnt his tongue that he roared aloud, and, jumping up from the table, began to dance and stamp about the room, both with pain and affright.

AT noon, our juvenile party assembled in a dell, through the depths of which ran a little brook. No; but it was really a metallic fish, and looked as if it had been very cunningly made by the nicest goldsmith in the world. "And I have lost all that my heart really cared for.""Ah! Midas had met such beings before now, and was not sorry to meet one of them again. It was wonder-smitten, I suppose, at finding its dark dell so illuminated, and at hearing the prattle and merriment of so many children. On reaching the river's brink, he plunged headlong in, without waiting so much as to pull off his shoes."Poof! It struck Midas as rather inconvenient that, with all his wealth, he could never again be rich enough to own a pair of serviceable spectacles. When little Marygold ran to meet him, with a bunch of buttercups and dandelions, he used to say, "Poh, poh, child! Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. He drew out his handkerchief, which little Marygold had hemmed for him. Tell me, now, do you sincerely desire to rid yourself of this Golden Touch? The Golden Touch had come to him with the first sunbeam! "What is the matter, father?" Helpful Hint: To maxi "You certainly deserve credit, friend Midas, for striking out so brilliant a conception. But this was the most natural thing in the world; for, on taking them off, the transparent crystal turned out to be plates of yellow metal, and, of course, were worthless as spectacles, though valuable as gold. On opening them again, he beheld only one yellow sunbeam in the room, and, all around him, the glistening of the precious metal which he had spent his life in hoarding up.Whether Midas slept as usual that night, the story does not say. When Midas heard her sobs, he determined to put little Marygold into better spirits, by an agreeable surprise; so, leaning across the table, he touched his daughter's bowl (which was a China one, with pretty figures all around it), and transmuted it to gleaming gold.Meanwhile, Marygold slowly and disconsolately opened the door, and showed herself with her apron at her eyes, still sobbing as if her heart would break. "However, I suppose you must have it. And then that figure of Marygold! Start studying The golden touch questions. King Midas is very rich. The stranger's aspect, indeed, was so good-humored and kindly, if not beneficent, that it would have been unreasonable to suspect him of intending any mischief.
He took up a book from the table. He bent down and-62- kissed her. But now, if he looked at them at all, it was only to calculate how much the garden would be worth if each of the innumerable rose-petals were a thin plate of gold. If these flowers were as golden as they look, they would be worth the plucking! Answers … "Cousin Eustace is going to tell us a dozen better stories than that about the Gorgon's Head! To do Midas justice, he really loved his daughter, and loved her so much the more this morning, on account of the good fortune which had befallen him. Then, with a sweet and sorrowful impulse to comfort him, she started from her chair, and, running to Midas, threw her arms affectionately about his knees.

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