It is not worth it to me. In order to overcome this, he was kept in a special air-conditioned crate while on-set, and was only brought out for his shots.

His work was uncredited.

and it is clear that he is accustomed to dog's handling when seeing in his movie staring with dog,for exsample, sam in Hondo, clancy in North to Alaska dog (a dog named DOG) in Big Jake and more・・・・・・. The supporting cast features Ward Bond, James Arness and Leo Gordon. Oddly, L’Amour received an Oscar nomination for best original screenplay, which he rejected when he reminded the Academy the story had first appeared in print. But like you, Meg, I prefer that the dog lives as I like ;'em too.

Big Jake was filmed in 1971. Use the HTML below. Hondo is a 1953 Warnercolor 3D Western film directed by John Farrow and starring John Wayne and Geraldine Page.The screenplay is based on the July 5, 1952 Collier's short story "The Gift of Cochise" by Louis L'Amour.The book Hondo was a novelization of the film also written by L'Amour, and published by Gold Medal Books in 1953. The name was based on the studio's claims that it could shoot 3-D or 2-D, color or black and white, standard or WarnerScope widescreen, and WarnerPhonic sound. Yes, it's part of the "rite of passage" for the young kid - learning to face life and death. so kill the writer, NOT THE DOG. A rain sequence was written out of the script when the crew were told of the seven year drought at Camargo but was quickly put back in when there was a 12 hour rain storm. In Married...with Children (1987) season eight, episode twenty-four, "Assault and Batteries", Al Bundy says that "Hondo" is his favorite movie of all time, and he spends the entire episode trying to watch it in peace, unsuccessfully, of course. At least Old Yeller is a hero, having saved the family. I have watched some of the films above where the dogs are killed and hate that part. Michael Pate played Chief Vittoro during the run of the series "Hondo", an obvious reference to his role as Vittorio in the John Wayne movie of the same name, " Hondo". The film was based on a story by Louis L'Amour which was first published in Collier's Magazine and adapted for the screen by James Edward Grant.

Isn't it bad enough that westerns have so many gunfights? WAAAH. 31 of 31 people found this review helpful. I needed to hate the villains more and that worked for me.I have watched Dances with Wolves exactly once...and same with The Man from Snowy River ( that was the mountain horse.) I agree with Shirl - injure the dog maybe, but have the poor thing recover in time for the happy ending.What about cats, Meg.

Geraldine Page's allergy to the sun meant that she was only able to withstand the heat from the sun for a few minutes at a time.

However she felt Wayne's remarks were more reasonable than the views expressed by Bond and Farrow. At an early age, I cried buckets when a Civil War family rescued Old Yeller (in the movie by the same name) but had to put him down after the dog fought a rabid wolf and contracted the disease. I would not be surprised to find out that the dog was trained by Rudd Weatherwax, the man that trained all the Lassies. He told later that the Indian attack in the movie was not realistic at all, because Indians were experts in guerrilla warfare and would never have been trapped in an arroyo by the U.S. Army.

One of the most prevalent images of John Wayne remains a full-length publicity photo from the film in which Wayne wears the buckskin suit and military hat. 2. I believe that dog was a Rough-coated Collie. Although it has often been described as the film debut of The movie was in 3-D. And John Wayne was not supposed to be in it. They also fight to counter land grabbers and other outlaws. Hondo's frequent sidekick, Buffalo Baker, is portrayed by Noah Beery, Jr. Ooops! Klondike was set during the early days of the Klondike Gold Rush 1897 in the town of Skagway in the Alaskan Klondike region.

The name was based on the studio's claims that it could shoot 3-D or 2-D, color or black and white, standard or WarnerScope widescreen, and WarnerPhonic sound.

An Apache is cutting new telegraph wires as soon as they are put up, and Hondo tries to stop him and find out why he is so determined to cut them.Hondo and Buffalo Baker are tasked with escorting a soldier to a town to face a murder charge. The supporting cast features Ward Bond, James Arness and Leo Gordon. I suppose I can blame that on Louis L'amour but haven't read the book in a long while; so am not sure.

Vittorio, the Apache chief, shares a similar character with the story's version, Cochise. It ruins the whole story. Grant also came up with Hondo’s canine companion, Sam.) Farrow used the technology to produce fewer gimmicks than other 3-D films did at the time, with only a few scenes showing people or objects coming at the camera, such as gunfire or knives. By the way, two collies named Silver and Laddie (Lassie, Jr.) played Dog (trained by Bob and Ruddy Weatherwax, in fact) and their coats were darkened by an aerosol product. The two male and female main character names ("Lane" and "Mrs. Lowe") reappear in John Wayne's The Train Robbers (1973), with Ann-Margret instead of Geraldine Page as Mrs. Lowe. Michael Pate, who played Vittorio, reprised that same role on the Steve McQueen television show Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958), season one, episode thirty-one, "Bounty for a Bride". This was one of The Duke's personal favourites as it was the one which best reflected the values he stood for - honesty, loyalty, bravery, self reliance and independence. Pal, the dog that played Sam, was the original screen Lassie. Was this review helpful to you? They also fight to counter land grabbers and other outlaws. Another one I've never watched, because WHY? Therefore, Producer Robert Fellows sent a letter to Hepburn's agent expressing his belief that such a role was beneath a star of Hepburn's stature, and explaining that rather than embarrass her by offering her a part she would be forced to turn down, he decided not to offer it to her at all. Now Hondo and his dog, Sam, travel alone and seek to prevent further trouble between the Army and the remaining Indians. Near the end of the movie, James Arness takes four soldiers with him to gather up settlers.

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