Does your guinea pig keep itself occupied in its own thoughts? I prodded the brain.

Epic ten lane highways sprawl to every corner of the unchangingly flat landscape. Sorry. What we had eaten came with an epic price tag, but in reality it was peasant food served up for hipsters on a fancy plate.The huatia oven dates back to the Incan Empire, as do the anticuchos. It is essential to know the difference between abnormal and normal poop of guinea pigs to quickly detect health problems. My girlfriend, having carried my wheelchair up and down 500 stairs that day, felt she deserved one too.Founded in Lima in 1988, Bembos is Peru’s answer to McDonalds. When To Worry (or Not! Anything else other than watery would suggest that something is wrong with the guinea pig and they need to see a veterinary surgeon. Nope. Quails eggs do not seem to be any kind of delicacy in Peru, and are sold on street corners for pennies each.When drinking in Peruvian bars you can always expect to be served these salty roasted corn kernels. By the time you start seeing disease symptoms, it might already be too late for the little one.As responsible guinea pig parents and owners, we need to observe our guinea pigs closely for any signs and treat the signs seriously. Both countries lay claim to the invention of the pisco sour, both claim their variation on the recipe is superior.In reality, the distinction between Chilean and Peruvian pisco sours is a myth. My girlfriend slumped in to her chair and admitted defeat.Last on the menu was Suspiro de Limeña, a pudding synonymous with Lima.Literally translating to ‘woman’s sigh’ because it is ‘sweet and light’, my Suspiro de Limeña consisted of about half a pint of dulce de leche (a caramelised milk confection eaten all over South America that I have been eating by the bowlful since arriving) topped with a soft meringue.There was enough Suspiro de Limeña to feed four people. You might also catch your guinea pig eating her own poop, but don't be alarmed! The droppings themselves seem normal. These rodents aren’t pets here – they’re epicurean delights reared for taste not cuddliness.Dating back to prehispanic times, the cult of the guinea pig runs deep in Peru’s history. It is designed so that your guinea pigs are always guaranteed to have fresh hay available. Inspired by Japanese immigrants in to Peru, the only real difference between tiradito and ceviche is in the way the fish is cut and the lack of onions…Sticking with the Japanese theme, at a sushi bar called Asakusa in the Liman district of San Borja I further sampled ‘Nikkei’, the fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. It crackled between my molars.My girlfriend tucked in to her dish too – another classic Peruvian known as Rocoto Relleno – peppers stuffed with beef mince, olives, raisins, garlic and egg, topped with cheese.

Once in a while, for some reason, your guinea pig will suddenly not poop for 6 hours straight. The wine was a flowery Chardonnay. Underneath the potato was a coriander mush. You will need to check this region from time to time to ensure that debri such as wood shavings, hay and hair are not accumulating there.Guinea pigs can also experience impaction as they age. There are not seven different varieties of mushroom available in every supermarket. Cavies are overall very tidy and healthy animals.Their poop is very easy to clean up as it is small and hard, and is kept in a specific area. Caecal is different in both shape, color, size, and structure.

With the amount of bathroom breaks your cavy takes, it’s hard for them to plan a “trip to the bathroom” before your cuddling time.Any strong emotion whether it be excitement or fear can also trigger a sudden urge to go. A shit ton of heather. And i was wondering how much percent of there body weight should i be feeding the veggies?

Why had this particular franchise taken Peru by storm when in every other South American country (apart from Bolivia) Ronald McDonald, Colonel Sanders and the Burger King reign supreme?Peruvians take immense pride in their cuisine. He wants them to finish everything in the feeder before giving more, whereas I want to leave an abundance all the time and let them be picky. If the water is contaminated, the guinea pig might be less willing to drink, which then can lead to dry poop. The other type of poop is harder and is produced after the food has been digested twice. You can click on the nozzle tip to show them how it works, and make sure they try it themselves before leaving them with it. This will not accumulate daily however it is important to do a piggie check every week or so.Below is a rescue video showing the extent of impaction that severe cases come in with.

Clare B Guinea Pig is very rich, despite its size. I keep guinea pigs, parakeets, and dogs. She ordered a plain cheese burger.I could feel my arteries clogging with every bite.

They slide their bottom along the ground making them more susceptible to debri going in this region.

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