- JD is in the first five episodes and also (because they were shown out of order) the ninth or so episode. Couple that with the fact that the Residency Director position gave him more money, and the fact that he could be so much closer to Sam to the point where he could leave a little early or just go straight home to him, and that kind of explains it.

Only J.D. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts This was probably detrimental for the series, as he was the main character. In real life, she had a baby so she's on Maternity Leave, I think. !Yeah I was confused why everyone still gave him grief over being honest that she had permanently breached his trust of her.Bullshit do you have to lie to pregnant women and tell them what they want to hear.I just finished the finale for the first time 30 minutes ago. J.D. In my head at least.Well for Turk it's not just 37 minutes, for him it's 1:15 round trip.

It turns out that St. Vincent's wants J.D. He saw the shows decline and wanted to get off on the right foot.Yea I never realized the decline as much on my last rewatch but this time I did.Not really relevant, but even though the Office is probably my favorite show ever it's decline was way worse and more noticeable than Scrubs.

- The original hospital is torn down and replaced with a newer looking hospital with added lecture halls, etc. I used to work 40 minutes out from my old job in LA, and this was always the case.Now, imagine having to do that every day after work.

As a doctor, your shift could end later than most, by the time you got to see your kid they'd most likely be asleep. And plus, that is not even the Scrubs we know. JD actually made the drive with Turk and Turk commented on how the drive was actually over an hour. Zach Braff is leaving the show for good. He wanted to be with Sam, and realized he wasn't able to due to distance.He was going to work for a guy named 'Mantoots'. begins his first day as a professor at Winston University, and kisses his new and pregnant wife Elliot in his morning ritual. His new hospital wants him to get teaching credit or something which is why he's brought back. but his character on scrubs (jd) is supposed to be working at a hospital closer to his son.

I just watched the Scrubs' final episode and i didnt get why J.D.

was always that people perceived him as 'girly'. 1 About 2 Personality Profile 2.1 Likes 3 Nicknames 4 Trivia 5 Appeared In Ed didn't seem to really have the drive to be a doctor at Sacred Heart Hospital, but was there anyway. J.D. Plenty of people have commutes longer than that in real life, so after he moved closer to Sam why did he feel the need to change jobs too?Not only no commute but it was also a higher paying job.They don't expressly say it, but I'd bet anything the new hospital offered him more money, as well.

I think that's why he moved. She didn't work at all.

Final Scrubs appearance of: Sam Lloyd as Ted.

He states that it's a higher paying job and there is no commute.

that's what i've heard as of now.

No matter how close you move to your kid, you still need to make an enormous commute to make it back in time to see him.

Also, if Cole, Lucy, and Drew and the gang want to go to the med student party, they have to perform a 'final interview' on a dying soldier before that.

That sucks, because no matter how hard you try, you're still missing out on your child's life. He's saying that it's extra time that he has to spend away from his family since he has to drive both waysI'm gonna play devil's advocate here, but a 40 minute communte might not seem that much, but if you're in a big city like LA, it can take anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

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