Now you can fill your pavlova with whipped cream, fruit and syrup, and invite your friends over for dessert (

Answered on 30th July 2012.

After four failed attempts made the receipe without the expresso powder and it was fine. The less sugar, the softer the meringue. Any grease will prevent them from whisking properly and could mean the meringue is too liquid.

Pavlova Going Flat. Leaving uncovered in refrigerator for several hours can also help as long as anything else that might evaporate is … I mixed the whites in my Kitchen Aid mixer and added the sugar a spoonful at a time. The meringue looked stiff and shiny, but I was wondering if I overmixed it and thats why it spread while cooking? Asked by donnchalane. This means that when you lift the whisk the egg white on the end stands up in a straight peak.
Rather, try and get the centre slightly hollow and the sides a bit higher, like a shallow bowl.

One way to do this is to wipe the whisk and the bowl with lemon juice before beating (the acidic lemon juice has the added benefit of helping to stabilize the meringue).And that’s it!


If the whites are over whisked they will start to look lumpy and a little like cotton wool.Once the whites have been whisked then add a couple of tablespoons of sugar and whisk back to firm peaks before adding the rest of the sugar, following the recipe instructions.If the Cappucino Pavlova meringue was liquid it could be that the whites were not whisked quite enough before the sugar and espresso powder was added. Tapping on them should result in a hollow sound and the meringue shell should be at least 5mm thick, while the inside is still soft. However do watch the whites carefully as it is easy to over whisk them. Asked by appy23. I then added a little expresso powder at the very end and again the mixture became softer.

If your pavlova has cracks on it, or it collapsed, it’s usually because the mallow center shrunk away from the meringue, causing the outer shell to collapse. Check the whites frequently when whisking them, particularly if using a powerful free standing mixer. Instead of staying relatively compact on the baking sheet, it spread out to almost fill the baking sheet and burned around the edges. According to most bakers, you’ll need 30-60g sugar per egg white (we are assuming large eggs). Is this possible?

But when I added the expresso powder it made the egg whites turn back to liquid! How much sugar and how much egg white do we need? If you are unsure then wipe the bowl and whisk with a piece of kitchen roll (paper towel) dipped in a little lemon juice or white wine vinegar.The egg whites should be whisked to firm peak stage before adding any sugar (or sugar and espresso powder). (Why did my pavlova crack?) 6. The pavlova is ubiquitous.

After four failed attempts made the receipe without the expresso powder and it was fine. I then added a little expresso powder at the very end and again the mixture became softer.

If your egg whites contain fat there is a good chance they won’t stabilize at all.Start by making sure your egg whites contain no traces of yolk, since the yolk is the part of the egg that holds the fat. Answered on 19th January 2013I recently bought Nigellissima, and my first venture was the Cappuccino Pavlova. Looking forward to your help Regards CherylWhen making any meringue make sure that your equipment is completely grease free as this will affect the egg whites. I have tried Nigella's Pavlova recipe two times but every time I make it it is pretty flat after baking. You could also try whisking in the vinegar in before adding the sugar and espresso powder as this will help to stabilize the egg whites.If your meringue base is spreading or weeping it is likely that the egg whites were slightly over whisked before the sugar was added.

I followed the easy recipe correctly and left it in the oven until the oven was cold. I recently bought Nigellissima, and my first venture was the Cappuccino Pavlova. The remedy is to just slather the top with chipped cream and make it look even and decorate it with fruit. I used castor sugar, since it makes a more stable meringue than granulated sugar, and I also added some cornflour for the same reason.When you’re making meringue, you have two main enemies: fat and moisture.
The pavlovas are done when the outside is crisp (about 45-60 minutes in a convection oven). Also check that the espresso powder is the very fine powder and not larger instant granules.

Any tips?Hi Nigella, I've tried to make the Chocolate Paspberry Pavlova from Forever Summer, but its been a disaster! The instant granules are more likely to dissolve into liquid. I was just wondering why this has happened as the pavlova tasted and looked good but just had nothing inside.

To start with, let’s establish a recipe. If you prefer your pavlova the same texture inside and out, keep the temperature at 120°C from the beginning and … Is this possible? If the outside crust of the pavlova isn't crisp, humidity is the likely culprit.

But when I added the expresso powder it made the egg whites turn back to liquid!

If this happens, you can put it in a small room and run a dehumidifier, which helps a bit. Or did I need to mix it for longer?

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