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One day on his travels he saw a blue-feathered bird. 10 0 obj to start singing along even the first time you hear them! Lyrics. 5 0 obj

;� G&@,}��pFX��C3��f*�k����u���� ���(%;�8? <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> We jumped, so must our frog friend!Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

The Wide-Mouthed Frog: A Pop-Up Book by Keith Faulkner. ,�����C�u�v/�������̐�Hʲ���b�9$��������]^�����#�v�qɮn�޽�LV������`� &���Jpհ�dzw��={���fsǮ�j���~ۮ���d7;{� ���(C:ǭKe�>�i�*˵��~��Y���ܭ�fƮ�ۯ#�������,i�>}^2��_d��qg��KSq��m4�6H�u��/��y~!���\40��nh�ļ�m�Q5{��ٟû���nl������_��������aA�u>���bEB��Y5����M{j}��y���E=[��w�}�{�0UG7��a��y�)���jvN��a��|K��������?�1{��7lžÂ)�z�t:|�-�G�n6+�Ҟ�?��w#�5^>�(B���?a�-�.H.���Z���%�C3�w^�U��B×1p�5^~\�f��r!+���*��pp-��]���x�|X\`�JR���5�_�c��};��?�} �K�)����@ ��p]��t-��₆�s�ˉ���C�u�i}��x)�.����7�R$A���e�ӯ6���@��)��\��0��A�W.�~��9Gy:n�4^��SЍ�V�[?JJ�si��Z� �JsՃ̑z,i���\�ʕ>��Lmyd��t����}""�Ʒ!. A 32-page guide containing words and activities is included. ������k�|�o���i�H#`��`��w���鐇-��,�3>���� ��C���n�������~�v{�����h�~��Bh�c�{e��"̮�"d���H�|��}Z��W���g�=�#� N�Xm�g����b��˖�cP�-��� <> endobj get heard by industry pros by buying them a song submission credit to Broadjam Music Licensing Opportunities? Wide Mouth Frog – a joke set to music! :.�z0(��Y�C��2��_g��K8ʭ��$KG�������4[��`7��o�e�{�YW1F'u����|��W.I�|N����s������v�/�@���{`�e����~ݜC�׳�&RbB�#`�nWQ “Hi. An invite email will be sent to the member to lead them to the Top Ten Publishing Contract and Wizard
I’m a big, wide-mouth frog!” One morning he decided to … 14 0 obj }���\#�0F��n�0#k;W$���u$�3�CtJ��+��X�6_�;���� ��wtfD���8��l�c�X�'�о�~O�R��iC��Ӕ_�Y����ٮ}�@����f��Z�����@M�@Q#�B��ts�L�=�g������P)��e���W`���1�(����k�N\�w� ��`���{�H�E�t`��oĎ� <> The kids were ready for reading, so we started right in on our first story.Between stories we got to our feet and jumped like frogs, practiced the sign for frogs and talked about the natural history of the beloved amphibian.Our next story was a simple pop-up book about a frog who knows when to keep information to himself! The Wide Mouthed Frog Hotel is a great place to stay in Oban if you are in need of a relaxing break or somewhere to stay on continuation of your travels. stream

The Wide Mouthed Frogs and others play the Mount Victoria 1960s Dance Spectacular, Wellington, 3 November 1979. All Wide Mouthed Frog Oban Hotel rooms are en-suite and provide tea and coffee making facilities. endobj Wide-mouthed frog: (Stretch mouth out with fingers and adopt adorable frog voice) Oh, that's nice. Nov 29, 2016 - Explore Karla DeBruler's board "Big Wide-mouthed Frog" on Pinterest. All Wide Mouthed Frog Oban Hotel rooms are en-suite and provide tea and coffee making facilities. The band received $136 and the $4 tickets included wine, beer, and a non-alcoholic punch. I’m a wide-mouthed bullfrog and I eat bugs. endobj 12 0 obj And of course, counting-rhymes are a major part of the heritage of nursery rhymes carried on by Hunter and Barlow both. 2 0 obj <> And I love to eat frogs with a wide-mouth grin! ?Hi. (�1V�Шl�oٝ/��⩣��9R;R�x�+rQcY��Ź:o�d��0z_��`_��g�T�nj��0�-�b���v�����0ї��� Z��G��!�*�e���ieNN륨� ��1Ov2�M�x�I��ȸBY�F2� ƕ�e-�.������m�3�o�кp ol.f\�����^�� ��!��y ӡc�s�{Y��Ӛf���j:�y�v��sf��X��{��eh�����]��ryzu>�4 Ǖ�� �L�A�9��˥�?� j x��Z�o�_ ��f W��X.6�M� I chose to read This was a nice last story because it was similar to TToday’s activity was a pop up frog! %PDF-1.6 %���� The Wide-Mouthed Bullfrog There once was a wide-mouthed bullfrog Friendly as could be He liked to hop around And talk to any animal he’d see.

<> 15 0 obj We had a large group again today with lots of kids ready to share their frog facts.After everyone was settled, we gave the rhyme cube a couple of spins.

I want to download this song, and help Music with Mar. <> Each song/story has activities that are fun and a learning experience for children. 7 0 obj

Everyone knows "The Twelve Days of Christmas." The Big Wide-Mouthed Frog Story Origin: United States There was once a slimy, green frog with a very big mouth. endobj

“Ooooo do you! h�bbd```b``�"B���f ��sAdq=�L�$�v��)6 �@ ��д�`s)"�30V~0 M� endstream endobj startxref 0 %%EOF 129 0 obj <>stream Ms Kathy can open her mouth big and wide, can you? endobj The illustrations are totally adorable and the songs are so much fun, and are simple enough for kids (and adults!) As he hopped through the meadow by the pond he came upon a cow. I LOVE the way this book came out!

16 0 obj %PDF-1.5 �F��������Js~tG����/q�6̮���%[��w���y�~�b�� ��㭚_�֕β��W��{��U=|L�l�����U�1�:�]cN��kD´|r[\P����{=��S���LR�xV�O魛gU]�O�iq�Na��j�H�}� m��C�'�NcnY�R,x#�RY�k,���2�Z�X1x���j��xM��Y�,p"B��n�:�����A��H�l��,������y(�-� Sing with me each word. �����*��\n�Q��[m�c��)[�dM0���[�*�I [ 11 0 R] 8 0 obj The Wide-Mouthed Bull Frog There once was a wide-mouthed bullfrog friendly as could be He liked to hop around and talk to any animal he?d see. Wide-mouthed frog: (Stretch mouth out with fingers and adopt adorable frog voice) Hello, I'm a wide-mouthed frog, who are you and what do you eat? ", Little Red Hen, 3 Pigs Rap, Read to Me, Slow & Steady, Come On & Sing, Dark Dark, Spider on the Floor, Little Old Lady Who Wasn't Afraid, I Have a Cat and All Around the Circle.

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