Kaymu.pk Revamped for Better User Experience


The e-commerce sector in Pakistan is progressing at a rapid pace, and Kaymu is the leading face of this growth. The online marketplace has recently revamped the whole website design and layout to offer customers a better user experience. Kaymu paid close attention to the problems faced by users in the older design and used all the resources in designing the new layout which addressed all concerns. The result: the website has improved tremendously and offers a much cleaner layout.

Increased Visibility

The first thing you notice about the website layout is how clean it is. The previous version was a bit clustered and crowded, making it a bit difficult for people to navigate around. This new design is much better in contrast. Users can now easily spot categories, products, sellers, etc. in their respective sections.

Better user experience

User experience has improved significantly, thanks to the clean design. You can now quickly find your way around the website. The best thing about this new design is that each category and subcategory page has a comprehensive guide to the related products in that category, giving users valuable information on how to buy and what to look for when purchasing online.

More user-friendly for sellers

The revamped design is also friendly for the sellers. This is largely because sellers can now easily sign up and start selling their products instantly. The customers rate each vendor. So if the customers are pleased with the service and product, the seller will get a higher rating. This is helpful for both the sellers and the customers. Sellers can improve their services through the reviews while buyers can opt to buy from sellers with a higher rating for a satisfactory customer experience.

Selling process made easy

To promote online shopping, the revamped design has made it easy to buy and sell online. There are clearly mentioned instructions on the homepage on how to become a seller or buyer. Video tutorials accompany These instructions. Live chat facility is also available to users.

The revamped website design of Kaymu is a reliable sign that one of Pakistan’s leading online marketplace values its customers and by having a revamped design, clients can navigate and shop around with ease. Steps like these promote the confidence of the online shopping community, and if Pakistan is to realize its full potential in e-commerce fully, steps like these are essential to improve the overall user experience.


  1. Well done, Kaymu! The new re-design is indeed, very user-friendly. Now only if they would add an affiliate program! 🙂


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