Acclaimed drama writer Khalilur-Rehman Qamar has said that he is mulling over writing a sequel of blockbuster drama serial ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho,’ which concluded last week.

In a TV interview on Monday, Qamar said that though he does not write sequels of dramas penned by him normally but is thinking over writing one considering its enormous popularity.

Revealing the philosophy behind the untimely demise of Danish, a character played by veteran actor Hamayun Saeed, in the last episode of the MPTH, Qamar said it was so because he couldn’t replace his wife Mehwish (Ayeza Khan) with any other woman.

When asked why the drama not ended on the death of Mehwish, Qamar said he wanted her to spend the rest of her life with regrets.

MPTH turned out to be the most popular drama in Pakistani’s history, breaking all records of viewership ratings. The mega episode of the drama was aired on January 25 on television screen and cinemas across major cities of the country, including Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi.

The final episode left the many fans of drama heartbroken over its tragic conclusion.

Earlier last week, a civil court in Lahore had dismissed a petition filed seeking a ban on the airing of the final episode.

The petitioner, Maham Jamshed Chaudhary, had pleaded the court to stop the airing of drama’s last episode, stating that the show portrayed a negative image of the women.

Civil judge Naila Ayub, however, had rejected the petition and given a green signal for the airing of the last episode.


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