La Liga Race Wide Open


In the first half of the season, Barcelona already looked like clear winners of the La Liga title as they were consistently annihilating the teams that dared to stand in their way.

The Spanish top flight was left in the wake of Barcelona’s unrivalled dominance for most of the season, but there appears to have been a resolution regarding the title challenge in the last couple of weeks.

Barcelona seems to have stumbled upon a rocky path en route to La Liga glory which may see them relinquish the title if their dip in form continues to manifest itself.

Things started going downhill for Luis Enrique’s side after the 2-1 loss against Real Madrid in the highly anticipated Clasico encounter, from then on Barca haven’t appeared to be at their very best considering the slender Champions League win over Atletico in the first leg of the UCL Quarter-Final tie.

They succumbed to a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Real Sociedad in their last La Liga outing. The loss raised quite a few eyebrows as it reduced the gap between Barca and Real Madrid to a mere four points.

Atletico Madrid are somewhat closer to reaching top spot due to the three point gap that exists between them and the League leaders. They could come from behind to snatch the La Liga title from the Catalan giants if more slip-ups emerge from Luis Enrique and company.

Over the years, Atletico Madrid have proven that they have the quality to claim Spanish Football’s top prize despite the level of monopoly that has existed within the League as a result of Barca and Real Madrid’s consistency at the helm of things.

By the looks of things, the La Liga title has started slipping out of Barca’s hands, and the fan will definitely be pondering about how much longer Barca can maintain the lead in the La Liga with the likes of Real Madrid and Atletico rearing for a shot at the title.

The two teams behind Barca had a slow start to the season compared to Los Cules. However, they have managed to catch up to Barcelona in the knick of time, and we might just be witnessing one of the closest finishes to a La Liga season we’ve seen in quite a while.

From a neutral point of view, the prospect of a three-way race for the title is very thrilling although the fans of the respective teams involved will definitely feel the tension going into the final games of the season.

Real Madrid have the highest goal difference amongst the top three in the La Liga with numbers adding up to 64 which is quite astonishing compared to Atletico’s tally of 38.

It’s quite evident that Real Madrid are the most potent attacking outfit in the La Liga with their goals spurring up from all departments on the pitch. On the other hand, Barcelona have relied solely on the efforts of the deadly MSN trio to hit the back of the net on a consistent basis, although most would argue that Ronaldo does most of the scoring at the Bernabeu.

As it stands, the stage is set for an intense scrap for the coveted trophy. More often than not, this sort of occurrence tends to involve just Barcelona and Real Madrid but due to Atletico’s recent rise to the pinnacle of Spanish football we’ve witnessed a third team enter the fray in terms of the title challenge.

Can Barcelona hold on tight? Can Atletico pull off another upset? Will Zizou Bring the title home?. These are just some of the questions that add to the thrill of the title race, and while most things are still plagued with uncertainty right now, we can be sure about one thing, and that’s the fact that we’re in for an exhilarating denouement of the 2015/16 La Liga season.


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