Leicester vs. Norwich: How this Will Be Reflected on the League Table


The league leaders, Leicester City, host Norwich City at King Power Stadium in the 27th week of Barclays Premier League.

The odds are favouring the Foxes who have transitioned into a top notch side and have emerged as a leading contender for the league trophy this season. Their loss to Arsenal in last week’s fixture can be concluded as a slip since Arsenal stole three crucial points away with an out of ordinary comeback in the dying moments.

However, undoubtedly, Leicester is a team to beat this year. Even the top notch sides like Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal, and Tottenham have had vicious brawls against the Foxes on every front. So, to say, that the Canaries will topple Leicester City in any way would be too harsh on them.


Claudio Ranieri’s side has slipped only once in the last nine outings in Premier League. It hasn’t been just the bottom half teams on the losing side – the big guns of EPL have had no answers to Leicester’s top-notch performances either.

On the contrary, a loss to Arsenal has, indeed, cost Leicester a safer position on the points table. As of now, Leicester stands atop of premier league with 53 points. Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs are picking up the game and extending their winning runs, with the latter in 2nd place and the former in 3rd, amassing 51 points each. Only a goal difference of nine separates the two sides who look in lethal form.

Relinquishing points against Norwich is certainly not on the cards for the Foxes, but football is unpredictable. If Leicester suffers a shock defeat to Norwich while Arsenal and Tottenham win their respective games, Leicester will go down to the third spot, making way for Tottenham to top the group with Arsenal trailing.

From first to third by losing one match and that too in the 27th week? Well, that is how English Premier League rolls. Even a draw can cost Leicester their top place if Spurs manage to win. In that case, Spurs’ superior goal difference will take them to the top spot. However, three points will make sure that Ranieri maintains the first place whatsoever.


Arsenal plays Manchester United, who is set up nicely after a brilliant 5-1 thrashing of Midtjylland in Europa League. It is going to be a test for the Gunners who have to make sure they do not stumble against the United.

Although Arsenal attack is struggling to create an amount of goals to their liking, they have indeed proven their mettle against the Red Devils in the first half of Premier League this season with a 3-0 triumph. Arsene Wenger would give anything to see yet another scoresheet of that sort.

By any chance, if Arsenal is to lose or draw this game, Hotspurs, who play 16th place Swansea City, will make sure to pounce on this opportunity and leave a three-point distance on the table between the two clubs.


With the way things are going for the top 3 clubs regarding form and quality, the wind may not change its course, and the fans would have to wait until the end of March to see a drastic shift in this cracker of a Premier League season.


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