List of Winners Rs 750 Prize Bond Draw 2021


The results of prize bond worth Rs 750/- will be announced on Thursday (April 15, 2021).

The draw number 86 of the prize bond will be held at Quetta today.  

Prize money of Rs. 1,5000,00 will be awarded to the first lucky winner. The second prize of Rs. 9300/- each will be won jointly by three winners. The third prize of Rs. 9300/- will go to each of 1696 winners.

First Prize Winner


Second Prize Winners

000831, 314705, 417508

Third Prize Winners

See Full List of Third Prize Winners here.

The National Savings holds the draw for Rs. 750/- prize bond after every three months in a different city. The previous draw was held in Hyderabad on Jan 15, 2021 in Lahore. The next draw will be held on July 15. 2021. The 87th draw will be held in Rawalpindi 15 October, 2021.



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