Today we met comedy superstar Hamza Hafed Sufyan and asked a lot of things related to his life and profession. He told us about his experience and hardships faced during his career.

How old are you and where were you born? And How far have you studied? Do you have a nickname?
He told him he belongs to a noble family his father is a nice man. He was born on October 31, 1997, in UAE.
About education, he said that He got his graduation degree from Khalifa University (Mechanical Engineering). He is currently studying master Degrees at Khalifa University (Mechanical Engineering).
Yes, people often called me by Hamza Hafed’s name.

Have you been interested in acting since childhood? How did you start your acting career?
In response to this question, He said yes I loved acting and comedy since childhood. And I wanted to be a comedian. He participated in many acting competitions in school and he got first prize many times.
He started his acting career from comedy and he performed many TV Shows and TV Plays.

Tell us about your social media career?
He quickly gained popularity on social media and the YouTube channel. He published informative and funny content on his YouTube channel. People really enjoy hamza YouTube video. That’s why a large number of people like him and follow him on Instagram YouTube and TikTok.

He is one of the most popular actors in the UAE with a large number of following on Instagram and YouTube channel with about 75K users. He has been added to the UAE’s Successful YouTube Category.

What kind of content do you use in your videos?
He told us that his contents include comedy, science and math trick, children funny videos, movies, interviews of different people, reactions, pranks, challenges, and magic tricks videos.
I have been encouraging people and telling them not to be afraid of the virus but to fight it and I have made many motivational videos on it. These videos provide information and guidance on Coronavirus COVID 19

Your advice for someone who is just starting his acting career?
He said that “the good news is that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to succeed here. What you like will be a lot of patience, determination, and the ability to act without doing too many things.”
Because acting is a trick to entertain sad people and if you start your career as an actor or entertainer, you should choose good quality and humorous content. You should also pay attention to body language and facial expressions.

At the end of the interview, what message would you like to give to your loved ones or followers?
He said that “I want to say that in every situation a person should trust God and never give up because God does not waste a person’s hard work and rewards him. No matter what you are doing you can never succeed unless you do it with hard work and passion.”


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