Meet Mr. Hamza Khan, CEO of Ajax Interactive – The best software company in Pakistan


Organizing a software company may be a very specialized sort of management skill, where experienced persons can turn the organizational problem into a singular benefit. For instance, having sub-teams spread in several time zones may allow a 24-hour company working day, if the teams, systems, and procedures are well established. An honest example is that the test team during a zone 8 hours ahead or behind the event team, who fix software bugs found by the testers.

Introduction of Mr. Hamza Khan CEO of Ajax Interactive Software Company

Mr. Hamza Khan is a talented I.T. Engineer, a young man of only 20 years. He was born on December 5, 1999. He is from Abbottabad. He runs many businesses such as textiles, social marketing and social networking. Mr. Hamza khan is also the CEO of Ajax interactive software company. Hamza Khan’s dream is to do business all over the world. He is also CEO of H2 Source Textile is an import-export company that imports products from Vietnam, China, and the Philippines for export to Malaysia and Egypt. He is working as a Facebook media partner.

Hamza Khan is a member of the Facebook Media Partnership Team

The media partnerships team partners and collaborates with the world’s largest and most thrilling media organizations, public figures, and influencers on excessive-profile product opportunities. In the fast-developing Asia Pacific landscape, the group is working closely with media partners on driving business prices on Facebook through the building, reaching and tasty audiences, and pushing the envelope for revolutionary content material experiences. Hamza Khan said that “I work on associate services within the media partnerships team. We offer audience insights, facts evaluation, and equipment to media companies, publishers, and public figures across Asia so as to develop and grow engagement for their Facebook and Instagram presence, in addition, to add price to their editorial and commercial enterprise strategies. I also paintings on statistics and market analysis that helps inform the media partnerships team’s approach in the region.”

Tell us about your work details as a member of the Facebook Media Team

The demanding situations we are facing can be hard and complex, so being self-inspired and solution-oriented will go a long way. Due to the size of our work, we want to be very collaborative when running with internal and external stakeholders, so a person who enjoys partnering and running with human beings will do well. At Facebook, one in every of our center values is to transport fast. To do well, you will need to hit the ground going for walks by wondering strategically and being laser-focused on impact.

Mr. Hamza khan’s Business journey      

In 2015, Mr. Hamza started working as a freelancer on Freeware or any other online platform as he has many skills such as logo designing, video editing, and social media marketing so they started offering their own services on various online platforms. He became very famous for his work so he decided to open a software company that provides all services in one platform. In 2017, he opened a software company in Lahore called Ajax Interactive and formed an intelligent team to run the software company. The company initially only offers web services, search engine optimization services, and graphics designing services.

Introduction of Ajax Interactive Software Company

We also have special knowledge in custom software program development – presenting specialized products, IT services, and custom ceases to stop answers to our organization clients. We advantage an aggressive advantage from these distinctive abilities and have developed the potential to put in force and manage complicated IT systems in converting instances with greater effectiveness than many competitors. In the ultimate 3 years, Infinite Solutions worked on extra than a hundred and fifty projects and has a massive client base of greater than 50 customers all over Europe and the USA, imparting considerably inexpensive offerings than the EU Industry norm.

Ajax Interactive Software Company is a kind of software house. It is a big software company in Lahore. It provides many services like Digital Marketing, 3D Animations, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Content Writing, ecommerce Website Development, Graphic Designing, Website & Server Security, Hosting & Server Management, and Website Development. All of these services are provided by Ajax Interactive. It is a very reliable company that guarantees work to clients. Many employees are working in this company and also provide internship facility to students and new graduates. This is a great opportunity for a new graduate student to gain experience with a stipend.

Mr. Hamza Khan also works as an instructor

Teaching is conceptual and intellectual, abstract and concrete, creative, and sequential. It’s approximately people however framed through ideas. It’s about content, hearts, minds, the past, the future–whatever we will imagine, teaching, and getting to know are each cause and effects.

Hamza Khan also provides training to students and those who want to learn how to earn money online. He guides them in every way and he tells them easy ways to succeed and make quick money from social media platforms or internet. And Mr. Hamza Khan said that “people who can’t come to my software house Yes, I arrange online classes for them. I try my best to serve the student as many of us as possible. That’s why I arrange online classes”

Bottom line

Ajax Interactive Software Company is an organization that intends to be in the front of the client’s needs, deeply information clients’ business and handing over and optimizing IT answers from the initial segment of scoping the requirements, up to the final delivery, maintenance, and non-stop upgrade. Infinite always take a look at the things from the patron perspective, but also from the client’s client perspective to understand their real business want for the IT solutions they deliver.

Our group operates with enthusiasm and flexibility. We are focused on our customers, being their reliable partner for IT services and answers, running together on a partnership basis, assisting them to face the challenges of current times.