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Most Amazing Features Of Google’s Santa Tracker App

Google, popularly known as the most reliable web search engine and part of the Big Four of modern technology, recently went live again with their Santa Tracker app. Now on its 13th year, various improvements and added features were made available to the internet sphere.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year as we have approached the end of yet another fruitful year, and it’s that time of the year again where we gather with our families, commence our gift-giving traditions, kids eagerly wait for Santa Clause to appear with their gifts and share the love this Christmas season.

Adults have been preoccupied with all the preparation; from the Christmas dinner to the gifts for the Christmas stockings of the children. Indeed, Christmas is celebrated by Christians and non-Christians alike across the globe, and it is the children’s most awaited holiday all year round.

As they say, “Christmas is for children.” It is the biggest part of every child; to meet and to be introduced to Santa, or Father Christmas.

The application is a fun and entertaining Christmas app that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike, with its colourful graphics and interactive user interface.

Let’s take a look at a couple of amazing features of the Santa Tracker app most of us probably don’t know about as we welcome the holiday season!

Track Santa in Real Time

This is probably the most important feature of the app. Upon visiting the app, you will be welcomed by a map of the world with pins and gift boxes scattered on it. A little Santa icon will be moving real time, and you will be able to track where he will drop his gifts next!

You are also able to see where he has been with a few helpful lines, and just right below the map is a numbered tracker of how long Santa has travelled, and how many gifts has been given away.

Santa’s Behind the Scenes Videos

Have you ever wondered how Santa’s elves prepare the gifts for the good girls and good boys? Or how it looks like inside Santa’s command room? Wonder no more! Simply visit the Santa Tracker app, and you will find videos of behind the scenes, from preparing the gifts to Santa’s takeoff.

There is also a live feed section, with Instagram-esque photos and short clips that Santa personally took during his journey. If that isn’t the cutest thing, we don’t know what is!

Christmas Flash Games

Christmas is not complete without games, and so the Santa Tracker app includes a library of flash games intended for the children! Of course, who’s to say adults can’t play too?

Exercise your gaming skills with games such as Speed Sketch, Elf Ski, Gift Matcher, and Penguin Dash among others.

Santa’s Village

You know how websites have this Site Map feature that shows the summary and a simple map for the website? The Santa Tracker app has it too, but modelled as Santa’s village map!

On the village, you will find a cute interactive map that will show you all the accessible games, videos, and other features of the app. Feel free to virtually walk around and hop from feature to feature.

So there you go, track Santa now and find out if he’s approaching your area soon.

Karla Carreon is a 23-year old Filipina blogger residing in Saudi Arabia. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Arts, and treats writing as an avenue for creative expression. She is a film and photography enthusiast, and plays instruments in her free time.


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