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Must See Places in Karachi for Tourists

Karachi in Pakistan flaunts many attractions, right from theme parks, beaches and gardens to islands and cultural centers. Karchi is the largest city in Pakistan and hosts many festivals throughout the year. These include Karachi Fashion Week, Karachi Classic Car Show, Hamara Karachi and More. Here is a look at the must to see places in Karachi for those who are planning a visit to the city. Take a look!

Clifton Beach Karachi

Clifton Beach is a place more for having a refreshing stroll and people spotting than for swimming. To have a relaxed time on the beach, visit it after noon when it is deserted. In the morning hours beach is most busy and even on Sundays. Horse and camel rides are quite popular activities at the beach. And to quench your thirst you can grab cold drinks that are easily available at the Beach. You can also savor sipping tea with corns. Clifton Beach is a popular venue and one of the top must to see places in Karachi.

Karachi Safari Park

Karachi Safari Park is located in the sprawling area of 300 acres of land at the University Road in Karachi.  The park flaunts mountains which could be reached by taking a cable car or bus. There are variety of attractions at the park that puts it among the must to see places in Karachi. These lovely attractions include kids play land, Adventure Park for kids, zoo, gardens and amusement areas. The zoo houses many animals from sub-Saharan Africa like elephants, zebras, lions, giraffes, antelopes, and rhinos etc.

Manora Island

 One of the major lure of travelling to Manora Island is a boat ride which enables you to enjoy the cool sea air. The island is roughly 20 minutes ferry ride from Karachi Harbour.  The island houses the lighthouse that was constructed by Britishers. Manora is popular for its lovel sea breeze, vcamel and horse rides. This pollution free venue is a must visit places in Karachi that offer you a serene time in the midst of fresh air and soothing surroundings.


Sandpit Beach is particularly famous among families on Sundays and holidays and is another must to see place in Karachi. The sea at Sandpit is quit and calm between the months of October and March and rough during other months. Visitors would find great variety of marine life here. The sea here offers shallow water, ideal to go for swimming. Sun lounging is another activity that one can indulge in here. Picnics, camel and horse rides are popular activities at the beach.

Chaukhandi Tombs

Located about 29 kilometres away from Karachi, Chaukhandi Tombs are remarkably known for their elaborate stone carvings. Spreads over an area of two square miles, it houses the toms of warriors of Saloch families settled in this area during the 17th and 18th centuries. These tombs are constructed out of huge sandstone slabs, which are then painstakingly carved with intricate patterns, drawings and relatable scenes. It is another must to see places in Karachi for those having interest in history and culture.

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