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Nasir Shah Wani Shares His Story of Making Million Dollar Company Through Urdu Live & Pakistan E Group

A Humble Background 

Wani comes from a humble background. Born in a town, more like a village, he had limited sources to get himself aware of the changing world. The world, which is now called the “digital era” or “digital world” was totally new to him. It is because, at the start, he didn’t have enough money to own a laptop or PC. Later, with time when he grew and got a sense of online earning, he saved some money to get a decent personal computer, the one which has a keyboard, a mouse, a CPU, and a monitor. 

Taking Leap of Faith – Quitting Studies 

His interest in the online world made him less receptive to the idea of continuing studies. Hence, he took a leap of faith and decided to drop out of school. The decision was not much supported. His parents really wanted to see him as an officer and that was only possible through studying. Unfortunately, that was not in Wani’s plan. In his plan, there wasn’t any slavery. He wanted more than that, something that is unstoppable. Something that gives him goosebumps out of curiosity. At that time, he hadn’t had the idea that one day he would be proud of his decision. All he knew was … he is not made for corporate culture. However, he was told time and again to continue his studies to make a better living through a 9 to 5 job. 

Starting Online Marketing 

When Wani left studies and decided not following what people of his village do for a living, he found out about online earning. For that, he learned while working and that gave him a lot of confidence. While working as a digital marketer, he chose to start his business. The business was again online. However, there were many avenues to explore and he was just a lad, trying to make his position in the world. Not just to impress his parents but to make sure his decision was not the wrong one. 

Challenges to Pursue Career Growth 

As soon as he started online earning, gotten some know-how of the digital world, and made an impact in the family by bringing money without possessing a degree, everything started to change. That made him understand the importance of the online world and he began to investigate. While working for clients online as a marketer, he laid a strategic plan to launch a business. 

Once he collected all the information and kick-start business, he did not earn a lot in the initial phase. After meeting several challenges, finding the best and most workable solutions, and standing each time after falling, he finally learned the pattern of failures. He became a pro in combating problems. It was all because of passion, the drive of reaching destiny in the best speed. And yes, he got what he wanted because his passion and love were way bigger than the obstacles. 

Owning Pakistan E Group and Urdu Live 

Today he owns a multi-million-dollar company where thousands are making a living. How he landed up here is indeed an interesting question. Wani is one of those people who always worked hard. But is that all that you need to be a successful businessman? The answer is no. Wani said it takes a lot of other attributes to reach the pivot point. It is like you don’t have the option of being on the ground after reaching the skies. 

Soon after reaching the skies, he spread the wings to go higher and leaving everything back. When he launched Pakistan E Group there was a mission in the mind – to empower youth, make them able to achieve the dreams they had been living with.

Besides that, he also owns a news website, Urdu Live ( It has several categories like sports, trade, international news, local news, and e-paper. A live TV is also integrated into the site. That is not it! He works as a chief editor of a daily newspaper, Daily Talib (

Message to the Next Generation 

Wani promises to give job opportunities to the younger lot. However, in return, he demands hard work and resilience towards work. There are limited resources as of now but he probes youngsters to get in touch with him so that they can also do something good in their lives. 

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