Orient launches Kitchen Kings Refrigerators Deal for Ramzan!


Orient loves spoiling its customers silly, so it grabs any chance it can to do so. This Ramzan, it has launched the Kitchen Kings Deal for all the food fanatics out there and is definitely worth purchasing.

In this deal, you can buy any one of Orient’s refrigerators and get a FREE microwave worth Rs 8050!  Now if this sounds absolutely mouth-watering then read on to find out more!

Keep Food Fresh with Orient Refrigerators

The Kitchen Kings Deal is just what you need for Ramzan as it fulfils all your kitchen needs. You can purchase anyone of Orient’s refrigerators which will not only add extra glamour to your kitchen but also keep Ramzan food items such as lemonade, fruit chart, dahi bhalay, etc. cool and ready for you to gobble up! It has great storage space for all your leftovers and keeps them fresher for longer! Not only that, but it also comes with a 10-year warranty so that if ever your refrigerator shows some sign of trouble, you can be assured that Orient has your back!

Free Microwave Oven: The Kitchen Saviour

When it is time to heat the food up, then you certainly would not need to think twice as you will get a Microwave oven worth Rs 8050 absolutely FREE! So whether you need to warm up the extra iftar items or curry for sehri, just pop it in your brand new microwave oven and have it come out sizzling hot and ready to be dug into! You can also make quick and easy tidbits to eat for your family and friends and leave them smacking their lips and asking for more!

The Kitchen Kings Deal is exclusively for online customers and is only valid till Eid, so if you want an equally efficient and stunning refrigerator with a 10-year warranty and an absolutely FREE Microwave oven. Make sure you purchase as soon as possible from Orient’s official website.


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