Pakistani M-commerce Accelerating but Still A Long Way to Go


Love for shopping is always in the air. People adore watching variety and considering products that are significant for their routine life. Being a Pakistani, you prefer buying goods that are linked with traditions or related to eatables and fashion. But the right platform is the wise decision of yours.

Online shopping in Pakistan is a methodology that is accelerating day-by-day. The prime reason is that there is ease for both buyers and sellers. Being associated with it, there is mobile commerce, which is expressly based on wireless devices like smartphones. As these are the most portable devices, people can put in bags or pockets and carry them anywhere.

We are familiar with many notable web portals for shopping like Lootlo and GetNow that are showcasing their e-commerce services. But still, there is an intense need of improvement in m-commerce. Natives should be educated with benefits of such businesses and should implement for more comfort in their lives.

No doubt mobile commerce is booming in Pakistan. There are known to be 125 million mobile subscribers in 2015 which is surely a good customer base. But still, not all of the online marketplaces are seriously working on mobile businesses. The development of user-friendly mobile application can do a lot in terms of attracting more number of customers. This service is also inexpensive and can reach a large audience.

Nobody likes to stand in lines at payment counters or search entire market just for one piece of cloth. Mobile commerce is a lot easier in this case. It makes buying online in Pakistan a luxury as there is just need to open the portal in your cell phone and add desired product to wishlist. There is also a vast possibility of attracting new customers. People usually surf the internet using their smartphones. If the site of any online marketplace is not mobile-friendly, the user will not prefer to view the entire website. But if it does, then customers will adulate shopping via this simple approach.

Hence, m-commerce can never be underestimated. There are lots of advantages for Pakistani natives to relish goods in fewer prices and with less consumption of money. Hope for the best for mobile businesses in Pakistan and keep considering the wild options that online platforms offer in terms of digital commerce.


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