Pure Himalayan Shilajit: Benefits for Human Health


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Shilajit is blackish-brown sticky biomass found in the Himalayan Mountain range of India. It is naturally enriched with over 80 essential minerals, fulvic acid, hummus, and organic plant materials.  Its rejuvenating health and addressing a range of medical conditions make it a vital part of Ayurvedic medicine.

Types of pure Himalayan shilajit:

Depending upon its color, it has been classified into four different types; black, blue, red, and white Himalayan shilajit. Though the composition of these four types is slightly different, all of them have their specifications and are equally beneficial for human health.

Himalayan Shilajit is found in resin, liquid, solid, and powder form, and each one is easily soluble in water.

Benefits of pure Himalayan shilajit for women:

The postmenopause phase is perhaps the most challenging phase of a female because a severe hormonal imbalance brings about several health issues she never experienced before. Arthritis and fragility of bones are also two common conditions women suffer after menopause. It is all because of a remarkable decrease in estrogen level after menopause, due to which joints lose their flexibility and bones lose their capacity to retain essential minerals to stay strong and healthy. In both cases, a regular intake of pure Himalayan shilajit makes a difference. It lets your bones absorb minerals out of the food hence strengthens the overall bone structure. Moreover, its ability to improve the flexibility of the joints magnificently helps arthritis patients.

Studies show that women have more tendency to develop psychological conditions like stress and anxiety than men. For those fighting stress, shilajit is nothing but a blessing. A handful of shilajit snubs stress hormones’ secretion and induces a sound, peaceful sleep, thus uplifting your mood. Not only this, but it also works to regulate your appetite, which also affects your mood positively.

For females, shilajit is a spectacular skin saver. It is filled with skin-friendly elements, rejuvenates the skin, and improves various skin imperfections, i.e., dark spots, wrinkles, etc. Moreover, its powerful antioxidants prohibit the undue action of free radical that damages the skin cells triggering your skin to become inelastic and more prone to premature aging.

Research reveals that shilajit has an innate power to improve blood formation in the human body and thus is very helpful in treating and preventing anemia. Since women lose a remarkable quantity of blood during menstruation cycles, it is highly recommendable to take shilajit regularly to keep their hemoglobin levels up to the mark.

A slim figure makes you look younger; that’s why everyone wants a perfect figure. But once you put on excess weight, losing it is not a piece of cake. Sometimes even a strict diet plan and heavy workouts don’t give the desired results. But shilajit is something that promises you to get you an hourglass figure. It accelerates your metabolism, makes your system extract the most out of food, and snubs the urge to eat more. It is also a potent energy drink that boosts your energy instantly.

Like men, shilajit is healthy for a woman’s reproductive health too. It regulates your period, detoxifies your sex organs, and improves hormonal imbalance to ensure a perfect sex life. In addition, it also reduces the possibility of infertility in women.

Benefits of pure Himalayan Shilajit for men:

A long, hectic day at work leaves you tired and exhausted. At that time, nothing can refill your energy but a revitalizing shilajit energy drink. It speeds up the functioning of mitochondria rendering you much-needed energy instantly.

Men have higher risks of heart attack than women. To protect your heart, you should take shilajit daily or on alternate days. Studies suggest that shilajit decreases the cholesterol levels of the consumer to a remarkable extent and thus lessens the risks of heart diseases.

Improved testosterone levels are another benefit of shilajit for men. Additionally, it also boosts sperm mobility and sperm count, which lowers the chances of infertility in men.

Other benefits of pure Himalayan shilajit for men involve memory enhancement, under-control sugar levels, healthy aging, and improved immunity and metabolism.

Dosage and usage:

Like every other medicine, the dosage of shilajit is also specified according to age. The average dose for an adult is 300mg-500mg twice a day or as described by the physician.

It is commonly used in combination with water. It is recommended to take shilajit early in the morning on an empty stomach.

How to store:

Since it is a natural ingredient, there isn’t any specified method of storing shilajit. You can store it in the refrigerator or at normal room temperature.  Also, be sure to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and keep it out of the reach of children.

Our services:

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