Risks Involved with Buying Rental Property


If there were just one rule of thumb for successful real estate investment, it would be “start investing as early as you can.” Buying properties in Pakistan and renting them ahead can always be a great investment, especially if you know the rental income math, the process, and the best ways to get good returns. It is also not wrong to say that getting good returns from your rental property and investment solely depends upon how well you know about the rental investment process in Pakistan or how fast you learn about it. People who do not learn about investment in rental properties surely miss out great number of opportunities.

When it comes to learning about investment, experts may hide the risks and work involved with buying rental properties. However, here expert at homespakistan.com is going to pen down few risks so that you can be cautious and vigilant while investing in rental properties in Pakistan: mortgage

I have seen that people usually invest in properties anticipating the capital appreciation while paying no attention to the cash flow. It is certainly a good factor if you know that property prices will be appreciated in the years to come but cash flow is also a crucial and notable factor. With cash flow, you will get money in your pocket and with cash flow, you can buy your next property. However, if you will have negative cash flow, there is a chance that things will end up badly for you.

Negative cash flow means the money that you will have to spend on your rental properties and the major problem with it is that most of the investors underestimate the money; they will have to spend on the property. Moreover, there is also no set time frame when the property prices will rise. Prices may be depreciated due to economic factors or it may take longer than estimated time for property prices to appreciate. Anything can happen in Pakistan real estate sector and wise investors remain prepare to face everything. Just imagine that in this situation, how long can you afford to pay money for your investment property? Eventually, you will have to sell the rental property and sometimes, for less than you bought it for. On the contrary, you will not have to sell properties with positive cash flow because it is giving you money.

Another factor that investors usually forget about is the maintenance of rental property. You will have to keep spare budget for the maintenance of rental property in Pakistan, depending upon the needs and condition of the property. Property owners have to spend on maintenance in order to keep property in better condition and make money. In Pakistan, tenants usually do not pay for maintenance.

It takes time to learn how to manage a rental property such as you will have to spare time to find suitable tenants, create lease document and handling other issues. You can manage the things yourself or hire a property manager to do the task on your behalf but it depends upon how much you earn from rental properties.

Rental property is a lucrative investment that allows you to retire early from your 9 to 6 job but remember, it is neither a get-rich-quick scheme nor is it an easy thing to do. The entire process takes time and demands dedication to make it work well. Experts are of the view that the sooner you start it, the better will be the results.

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Khadija Aslam is a marketing analyst at homespakistan.com and she writes on a variety of subjects including business, real estate, travel etc. Check her blog and find her on twitter, facebook, google+.


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