Hyderabad – The 81st draw of the prize bonds worth 7500 was held here on Monday, February 3. 

The person having a prize bond number of 744001 turned out to be the first lucky winner, claiming an amount of PKR 15,000,000. 

The second prize went to three winners, having prize bond numbers of 318970, 701602, and 572803. All of them won an amount of PKR 5, 000,000. 

The third prize of PKR 93000 was awarded to each of 1696 lucky winners, according to the results announced by National Savings.

See the full list of winners here

Meanwhile, the 32nd draw for prize bonds worth PKR 25000 was held on the same day in Faisalabad. 

The first lucky winner –having a prize number of 756356 – won the amount of PKR 50,000,000. The second prize was jointly won by three lucky persons holding prize bond numbers of 164617, 322938 and 560785, with each of them winning an amount of PKR 15,000,000,

The third prize of PKR 312,000 went to each of the 1696 winners.


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