“See You on 7th” – the Big Launch of Apple iPhone 7


Just a days left before the much-awaited event of fall 2016. We don’t have to explain what the big news is all about as the whole world is standing on its toes to see what Apple will reveal on the 7th of September 2016. It is the D-day for the new Apple iPhone 7.

The Silicon Valley giant encrypts its invite every year. There is always something new that excites the fans and followers towards the new release, as they are seen decoding the hidden message with speculations and predictions each year.

This time, it is no different. The cryptic invites sent out last week revealed that the grand Apple event would take place at the Bill Graham Auditorium in San Francisco, United States.

Apple has a habit of being sneaky and secretive about its products. It has never released any iPhone upgrade without being mysterious. We all desperately wait for the upgrades and try to piece together the unfinished puzzle.

The tech giant never confirms any update about its products before the actual launch. The recent invite of Apple Inc. for the event of 7th September iPhone 7 launch had a simple tagline “See you on the 7th” with coloured circles.

Even the in Pakistan, people who love Apple products and do online shopping in Pakistan on a regular basis are going crazy about the iPhone 7 launch.

The invitation for the much-awaited launch event was itself laced with so many hints about the upcoming model. The translucent dots in the invite are coloured which relates to the coloured Apple iPhone 7 handsets. These dots are popularly known as the bokeh effect in photography which occurs in low light.

Fans speculate that the new Apple iPhone will feature an upgraded camera lens that makes it possible to photograph in low light. Either way, Apple is ready to step-up to the competition with Samsung, Huawei and Sony with improved photography capabilities. It is very likely that these predictions will be correct, and we will get to see the new flagship device soon.

The dots can also be water droplets which are also relevant to the fact that the new Apple device will have waterproof design feature.

Excellent Apple iPhone Hardware and Specs Explained

With just days left before the expected launch, the buzzing rumours about Apple iPhone 7 price in Pakistan and all over the world have skyrocketed. It will be a surprise if Apple doesn’t stick to its yearly upgrade of iPhones. The star product has seen yearly updates over a period of 9 years. The 10th generation of iPhone should be no different.

All evidence points out to various upgrades in the new Apple iPhone 7. It is expected that Apple will ditch its typical 3.5 mm headphone jack. The device will feature lightning connected headphones along with an adapter in a box for traditional headphones. Hence, we can expect a slim and waterproof design.

The most significant upgrade that we have been hearing since the beginning of 2016 is the 5.5-inch display screen. Apple will eliminate the home screen button, thus increasing the display size. The larger size of Apple iPhone 7 is rumoured to boast a dual lens camera resulting in advanced image quality.

The upcoming iPhone 7 Plus is rumoured to come in five different colours. A glossy piano black and a darker shade of black in matte are the two new colours to watch out for.  This generation of Apple iPhone will not feature grey, but we will see rose gold, gold and silver.

Leaks have shown that Apple iPhone 7 will have a capacity of 32GB and will max out to 256GB, making the 10th generation Apple iPhone 7 devices the most capacious model up to date.

All existing rumours also lead to the information that Apple iPhone 7 will go up on sale on the 16th or 23rd September. All Pakistani fans can pre-order the device online in just a few clicks to get it before anybody else.

Apple surely has something big planned for this year and like always, the fans will have something to talk about even after the release of Apple iPhone 7 until Apple decides to con up with something new next year.


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