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Shireen Lakdawala To Launch Summer Collection 2020 with Cool & Breezy Fabrics

Shireen Lakdawala

Summer is the toughest season in Pakistan, and especially in Karachi, it’s irritably scorching from April to June. This is the time when nothing feels good and you don’t even feel like styling up during the day time. However, this shouldn’t happen as fashion is an inevitable part of your personality and you should never compromise on it, no matter how bad the season is or how limited your resources are. Therefore, Shireen Lakdawala who is a new name among the Pakistani dress designers plans to launch summer collection 2020.

What’s There in the Summer Collection 2020?

When the sun shines brightly on your head, you don’t like anything. You only need cool drinks to soothe your soul and thinnest possible fabric to wear. Since we live in an Eastern country where clothing modestly matters a great deal, we have to take care of it even when there is scorchingly bright summer. Since your attire plays the most important role in your overall styling, it should be chic and up-to-date, and also according to the weather conditions. No matter how modest your personality is, it should always have some colors of fashion in it.

To ease you with these tasks, Shireen Lakdawala is all set to launch summer collection 2020, in which, the clothes are made up of cool and breezy fabric. When there is hot summer, the breeziness of fabric matters more than its style; therefore, Shireen Lakdawala has made sure that all the dresses are made up of summer-friendly clothes. Moreover, she has taken due care of styling as each article is awesomely designed and has unique patterns in it. Therefore, you should give it a visit when it goes live because you won’t find such classy yet comfy clothes for summer elsewhere.

What Kinds of Dresses are Available?

Pakistani designer dresses mainly focus on semi-formals and formals. Whenever we talk about fashionable outfits, intricately designed clothes come into our minds. However, the bright and hot summers have forced the professionals to make something to beat the heat meanwhile giving a classy personality. As a result, different brands launch summer collection, in which, the fashionable lawn is being sold.

However, Shireen Lakdawala has bought something different this time that you should surely look at. Most of the collection is focused on prêt wear and you will find some of the classiest ready to wear lawn Kurtis. Each article is amazingly designed as casual wear may be worn to a birthday party if you want to. Especially if an occasion is in the afternoon or evening, you can easily wear a dress from the causal prêt collection as they are designed in detail.

The broad categories of Shireen Lakdawala include new arrivals, casual prêt, luxury prêt, all formals, SL prêt, and all collections. If you want to shop a specific kind of cloth, then choose from the first two categories; however, the next three will do you good if you are doing random shopping.



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