Solidarity between Pakistan and Afghanistan in the Presence of US


Pakistan is moving towards the dialogue with Afghanistan on 3rd February 2018. The purpose of the delegation’s visit to Afghanistan is the discussion on mutual cooperation, peace and solidarity between two countries. But all these matters have been moved into more complicity since the U.S interference in this region instead of being resolved.

The war against the terrorism was never waged with the thought that it will further complicate the Afghanistan predicament. Intricacy in Afghanistan is being thwarted day by day as the country’s traumatic experience of incessant civil friction, and muddled socio-political and economic situation surges into straining liability. The political situation remains mostly apprehensive because of intrigues among ethnopolitical groups and individuals. After the 9/11 drama created by the U.S, chaos spread in this region including the northwestern areas of Pakistan. They entered in this region with pretentious of fighting against the terrorism by using the armed forces of Pakistan. Pakistan jumped into this chaos with the blame of supporting terrorism. The security condition of Pakistan has merged into critical and adverse situation after the entry of U.S in this region. Pakistan is still engaged in utilizing his positional against this traumatic situation in both countries. No doubt that Taliban troops were alive in these areas before 9/11, but there was no threat to the peace of these two countries before the arrival of US militants in this region. After us interference, seventy percent of Afghanistan is under control of Taliban, and they tried to strengthen their power in Pakistan also.

The last paragraph of my articles always based on important questions and conclusions. Same here, some important questions will arise. What is the real interest of U.S in this game? Why America never urged the governments of both Pakistan and Afghanistan to dialogue with Taliban leaders instead of fighting with them? What is the real mission of Taliban? Do they want to break the America or Pakistan and Afghanistan? Does America want to play the divide and rule policy in this region, as they did in Iraq? We will be able to know the answers of all these questions by kicking out America from this region and making all possible dialogues with Taliban leaders. This war will never be over until both the governments will take their interests in their sovereignty instead of dollars.



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