Steroid Routines for Female Beginners


Steroid and women don’t usually go together because anabolic steroids are usually used for body building purposes by masculine men. However, it is true that women also use steroids for various purposes, including building body strength and weight, improving athletic performance, or to promote a harder physique.


There is a common misperception regarding steroids, even prescribed steroids, that they can cause a woman to display masculine traits, such as a deeper voice, or changes in the growth of body hair. Primarily, women fear that taking steroids can destroy their femininity, however, the fact is little known that this can only happen in sporadic cases. This is known as Virilization and can occur if the androgens the female body exceed the required amount for women.

These androgens are responsible for the production of hormones such as Testosterone. However, usually, people taking steroids research enough, to know that these are at least ten times as few in the female body. While doctors make sure that androgens are kept in check, self-prescribed steroids do run this risk. Thus, make sure while buying oral steroids Valkyrie Pharmaceutical online from websites, to test the androgen levels of the steroids.

Steroid Cycles For Female Beginners

Steroid routines or steroid cycles for women usually come in 4-week cycles, particularly for the beginners and new users. It is a good idea for beginners to start with dozes with the lowest effectiveness. This helps the female body in adjusting to the changes these steroids cause, and prevent any significant damage to the body, and to prevent any side effects of these drugs.

It is usually recommended that the dosage is gradually increased, allowing for the body to adapt to each level, before increasing it again, over several cycles. It must also be kept in mind that expecting women, or those trying to get pregnant must avoid steroids unless prescribed by the gynaecologist.

Everyone has a varying level of tolerance towards steroids and increasing the dosage too much, even gradually can have unfavourable effects on the body. Therefore, a good idea to check how much dosage your body can tolerate, and to avoid increasing the dose beyond this level. For weight loss purposes, usually lower doses are sufficient.

Make sure that the steroids you choose are designed for women, and not men. The steroids for men have higher testosterone levels. Moreover, steroids for men are much stronger and are designed for different physiological effects, which will not replicate in the female body. Similarly, doses for women are much smaller than the doses designed for men.

Women do not require post cycle therapy after every steroid cycle they take, unlike men. This is because of the stronger steroids can result in damage to the hormone production, and it must be ensured that their functionality is normal. However, females are also advised to take at least 4 to 8 weeks time between 4-week cycles, to normalise the internal systems and hormone production.

Women must always keep in mind that the steroid they take can be dangerous for them if they contain high levels of Testosterone, Dianabol, Anadrol and Trenbolone. It is best to refer to a doctor before and during the steroid cycles, to make sure you get the best-desired results.


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