Top 5 Practices Of Online Shopping in Pakistan

Online Shopping

Online shopping has received a fabulous response from Pakistani market as a result of increased internet penetration and popularity among youngsters for mobile internet with the inauguration of 3G/ 4G service. The vast majority of internet users are youngsters that fall in the age category of 18-35 years, and they are currently leading the online shopping market. Some of the most popular products to buy online are electronics, mobiles, laptops, clothing, accessories and home appliances.

Seeing the immense potential in the online market and the positive growth figures it has shown over the past five years, many new aspiring ventures have launched their online shopping sites. Most of these sites are running on the business model of modern international sites such as Aliexpress etc. These websites are offering a huge variety of brands in categories of clothing, home appliances, beauty and fitness, mobiles, and a lot more.

While online shopping seems very attractive, it has its dark premises since many websites are not reputable enough and sell low-quality products. There have been hundreds of cases of deceit and fraud to the customers in online shopping which has deteriorated the trust factor in this growing market. However, there are always certain ways that one can ensure for safe and successful online shopping in Pakistan.

  1. Buy from Trusted Site

There are plenty of sites emerging every other day for online shopping, however, not all of them are good enough to deliver what they claim. Hence, before purchasing anything from a site, make sure to check their credibility. This can be done by checking their social media pages where customers will leave honest and genuine responses and would share their online shopping experiences on the site. Also, some big names such as Kaymu and are familiar to the public and you might be hearing their names a lot from your social circle. This also ensures that these sites are popular because of their good quality products and services.

  1. Price Comparisons

With the emergence of so many online shopping platforms, the price has become the primary competitive factor. Every site is offering various types of deals, discounts and sale offers to attract the maximum number of customers. Hence, before you make the purchase decision, you must compare the prices across various shopping sites to see which offer is better and reliable. Do not forget to include the shipping costs or delivery costs in the overall price while comparing.

  1. Warranty & Return Policy

This is the best way to check the credibility of online shops as they offer a warranty on their genuine products. You must also read their return policy before buying a product so that if you want to exchange or return it, you know the process. Once the product arrives, make sure it comes with the warranty claim. Do not damage or misuse the product before returning it as they won’t take it and you will waste your money.

  1. Privacy Policy

Always check with their privacy policy while you enter your information. Since you are giving away your personal details, you should ensure that your information is met with confidentiality.

  1. Choose convenient mode of Payment

If the site is offering cash on delivery, go with it because it is the safest and reliable way to shop online. Otherwise, if you trust the site or you already have shopped with them earlier, then you can choose to pay with credit/ debit card options.


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