Top Seven Free Android Apps of April


Like every month, the Google App Store and Play Store was flooded with new Android apps also in April. It is a daunting task for the users to try all of them, so we’ve selected seven useful apps for you after combing through both stores.

Here is a roundup of free apps you should download this month.

(1)    NYT VR

The New York Times Magazine has introduced its virtual reality app to offer its readers a more immersive experience from all around the world in the form of 3D documentary films. After downloading the app, the readers will have to put their smartphone in Google cardboard provided to access the 11-mintue video.

The readers can control the camera by using just their fingers or just with a set of VR goggles that is compatible with their smartphone.

(2)    Texpand:

The Texpand app allows the users to add you often used words to full-phases. For example, if you type ‘tc’, the app will automatically translate it to “take care”. You can save up ten phrases with the free version of the app or upgrade to pro version for $3 if you need unlimited amount. Texpand takes just a moment to set up.

(3)    BAND:

BAND helps the users discover large groups of people having different hobbies and interests from across the globe and communicate with them. With the app, the users can share text, photos, albums, videos and files, chat with the friends, and plan events and activities.

(4)    Round Me:

With this simple app, the users can explore beautiful travel locations across the globe through panoramic images. The app was previously available for IOS users only, but now Android users can also enjoy it with VR support.

(5)    Komoot:

Komoot lets the hikers and bikers experience great outdoors in a smarter way. You get recommendations on attracting place, topographic maps, real-time voice navigation, and much more with this app.  Besides smartphones, the app is also available on Android Wear smartwatches.

(6)    Custom Quick Settings:

If you think your quick default setting are not enough, the Custom Quick Setting lets you add web links and custom toggles in your notification drop down menu. For full customization, you can assign different names and images to all custom toggles.

(7)    Fontli:

This is a simple app which allows you to capture or upload photos that appear on your followers’ feed. Just like Facebook, your followers can like, share or comment on your shared photos. The uploaded photos can also be added to collections like typography, calligraphy, monogram, logotype, signage, illustration and lettering.


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