Top Tips for Improving Your Business Website

Responsive Website Design

Your website can make or break a deal in the seconds. The presentation of your homepage directly reflects your work and can put customers off instantly, and with so many purchases now being made online, a poor website is a major issue.

Here we present few tips that can give your website a huge boost.

Responsive design

Figures show that over 50% of online searches start from a mobile device. If your current site isn’t compatible with this format, you could miss out on countless customers. An option some companies choose is to redirect users to your app store instead to download the app version of their site. While this does solve the issue partially, it does inhibit your search engine optimisation as engines like Google will prioritise mobile-accessible sites in site rankings. After changing their design, Ryan from CVS says that their website has tripled in traffic and the conversion rate has significantly increased.

 Make your point concise

People use the internet to shop because it’s quick and convenient and they, therefore, want these qualities in their chosen shopping site. If the menus are difficult to navigate or large blocks of text fill the screen, then customers will get frustrated with the site and go elsewhere. The best option here is simplicity; a clear list of items and easy to read text are aesthetically pleasing and entice the customer to browse.

 User-generated content

A reassuring sight on any business web page is customer reviews and testimonials. As long as the process is simple, happy customers will leave positive reviews. Another great feature of popular sites is the style feeds shared by customers and ambassadors for the brand. A link to an Instagram page for fashion advice, for example, can make the brand seem more accessible and customer friendly. 

Continually update stock and page layouts

If a customer has bought something from your site before, they don’t want to return to see the exact same products when they return. It gives the impression that nothing new has been added and they may go elsewhere to find something that does in fact feature on your page.


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