Wakeup Muslims Before Too Late


The Holy Qur’an is the Final Revelation from Allah Almighty through the Final Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). It is vital for every human being to read and understand the Holy Quran, as Messenger of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) lived strictly according to It. Allah Almighty, in a number of verses, has told the people to obey his Messenger Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). We are told by Allah Almighty to follow Him in his manners, actions, practices and all other aspects of life. Both the Quran (the words of God) and the Sunnah (the attributes and teachings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) are the basic sources of the religion of Islam.

Living life according to Islamic teachings creates family harmony, providing a sense of belonging and feeling of security amongst family members. A man is always most contented when he is in-charge, protecting and looking after his wife and family, and in return, he is respected, obeyed, loved and cared of by his wife and his children because of his role as defined in the teachings of Islam. Similarly, a woman is most contented when she is protected and cared for, and she is respected for her submission to the authority of her husband and gives him love and devotion. Teachings of Holy Quran and Hadith told us that obedience of the wife is a critical part of the husband and wife. It is the duty of a husband to protect and guide his wife with love to look out for her affairs, and he must enjoy complete authority in his home. Having healthy and happy family is what everyone dreams but unfortunately due to our distance from our Islamic teachings conflicts have arisen in our family system, threatening our harmony and security, and we are experiencing a range of negative emotions and dire consequences today.

Muslims are taught to fear Allah Almighty in their dealings with their relatives. Besides our family members, we are bound to have good relations with other relatives and nears and dears of our parents, husband, and wife. Islam has strongly emphasized the great importance of maintaining relations with our relatives and kin. Without the expectation of any return or reward, the relatives should express their love and serve each other spontaneously to any length. Holy Quran and Sunnah attach great importance to the rights of the relatives. It has been made compulsory to help the needy relations at the time of their needs, and a person should always stay kind to his relatives. Unluckily, cutting relations with family and relatives have become a norm today. Even two brothers living within the same area rarely meet or even make a phone call to ask about each other. Financial and inheritance related disputes are also very common cause for conflicts within the relatives in addition to other petty and minor causes coupled with ego problems. When a man came to the Holy Prophet (SA) and said, “O Messenger of Allah, I have relatives with whom I keep good relations, but they cut off relations with me, I forgive them, but they oppress me, I do good to them, but they treat me badly, should I get even with them (treat them as bad as they treat me)? The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) replied: “No if you do so all the relations will be cut off this way. On the contrary, be generous and keep in touch with them, you will always have support from Allah as long as you stay this way. As reported in Bukhari and Muslim Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said: “One will not enter Paradise if he/she cut of relations with relatives”. Allah Almighty has clearly said in Quran “Then, believe ye are if ye hold authority, which ye make mischief in the land and break the ties of relationship? Such are the men whom Allah has cursed, for He has made them deaf and blinded their sight”. (Quran, 47:22 -23)

The neighbors hold a special status in Islam. The Holy Quran and Hadith call upon us to be good and maintain courteous behavior with our neighbors and treat them kindly and in a gentle way, whether they are Muslim or Non-Muslim. Our Holy Prophet (SAW) had urged the believers, through Message of Allah Almighty, to unite with each other based on their Islamic beliefs. They were told to be brothers and sisters in a faith that the tie of belief had secured. Contrarily, we are tended to forget and ignore this instruction that is also a cause of our downfall today.

The Quranic standards of justice transcend considerations of color and creed, religion and race, as Muslims are told to be always just at all levels, as the Quran puts it: “O you who believe, Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even it be against yourselves, your parents, and your relatives, or whether it is against the rich or the poor” (Quran 4:135). Unfortunately, our justice system is known to everyone.

According to the teachings of Islam, the right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion or belief is a fundamental human right, and every human being is answerable to Allah Almighty for his deeds. Islam is the religion that came down to offer the entire humanity a life filled with tolerance, peace and well-being; spreading rapidly throughout the world. The extremist groups that commit acts of violence using the name of Islam have rather caused the growth of this lovely religion in addition to pushing the Muslims and Islamic faith to the forefront of the political debate in different forums in different countries. In spite of lacking the facilities, the men of virtue had spread Islam and taught people the faith by their conduct and deeds, not by violence and terrorism. Recently France has faced shootings and explosions by the terrorists that killed more than 120 innocent people. The moderate practicing Muslims took to social media and strongly condemned the perpetrators. Islam has strongly forbidden violence, cruelty, aggression, bloodshed, and terrorism.

Religion is a powerful motivator in our life. Unfortunately, today, majority of us is tyrant and ignore the teachings of Quran and Sunnah thus remain entangled in difficulties, we are seeking guidance from the sources other than these so misguided, we are distant from Quran which is full of wisdom and straight path and is unbreakable bond of connection with Allah Almighty thus forgot the purpose of human existence, faith and God-consciousness, the Hereafter and its significance; we should remember It is full of truth, and Its wonders are unending.

All of the difficulties we are facing today as ‘Ummah’ are due to our persistently inflating distance from Holy Quran and its teachings. Most of the Muslims read Holy Quran hardly once in a year during Ramadan. We don’t bother to offer prayers five times a day without having any reason, we feel pride in eating up the rights of others, we have become financially and morally corrupt, we don’t care to fulfill our obligations in a proper way, Muslims are cutting the throats of other innocent Muslims, and some extremists are killing the people through suicide bombings even in Masjids, Religious Places, and even funeral prayers. Today, Muslims are in worse condition; “Terrorists” is the new name given to the Muslims by other communities. The only reason for this disaster is that we are not following Quran and Sunnah properly. It is not correct to believe that Islam is merely a heritage, a tradition not related to problems in our life, to our failures and challenges we face. The only solution is to understand and strictly practice the Islamic teachings. If we start following Islam properly and strictly hold the rope of Holy Quran, Allah Almighty will open the doors of success for us Here and Hereafter.


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