Waseem Shahzad’s Untold Success Story


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Being born in a middle-class family doesn’t mean that you can’t be the fastest-growing young entrepreneur in your area. Yes! Waseem Shahzad has proved this. Just at the age of 25, he has a brilliant vision of the business. Although, he belongs to (Kotli ajk) he can easily be compared with other young entrepreneurs of Pakistan.

In a recent interview with a production house, Waseem shared his life experiences and his prosperity to reveal how this 25-year old accomplished what numerous individuals, endeavor to accomplish nearly their entire lives. Waseem is the founding father of Dxb Media; a leading digital media company in Pakistan.

 The journey of waseem started in Kotli but his dreams led him to the city of dreams i.e. Rawalpindi. He has earned his fame with great devotion. Ups and downs both have gone side by side but according to waseem; Consistency is vital. Persistent human beings always win the race. Waseem has set an example for the teenagers of not only Pakistan but also for the world. Developing areas suffer the most during the growth phases but gems do shine wherever they are!

 Digital Marketing is in its growing phase. Anyone who is motivated can learn and earn through digital marketing. Waseem while sharing about his first experience, said, “It was my first plan of action for business and everything looked great to me on paper. I flopped because of little experience. In any case, it was my first business with a thrilling learning experience. I didn’t take it excessively hard and was getting ready for a new project.”

 Presently three years have gone from that point forward and today waseem and his organization claims different web pages that connect with a huge number of crowds everywhere throughout the world.

 In a meeting, a few questions explained waseem journey and future aspects. At first, waseem was questioned about the learning phase; he explained how he did things on his own. He said that he learned digital marketing exclusively through instructional exercises found on YouTube and various sites. Nobody around me knew a lot or had the information relating to this field so my lone alternative was to class myself.

 In the answer to the next question, waseem told that it took him around 3 years to make his business stable. He friend told that the ingredients for firmness are execution strategy and the sort of business.

 The other question stated, “What point was the hardest? How did you overcome it?” waseem shared that a sensible individual knows that the number of supporters of a page contributes a little in general execution. A high number of subscriptions do not basically ensure a higher profit. In any case, it’s not totally squandered, and like it or not, potential supporters do check the measurements of your subs before following.

 Generally, an influx of followers is seen when a video of mine gets shared enough. The key to go is the crowd. Produce and then reproduce what attracts more to the followers.  Don’t just stop at one subject or one explicit class of substance. Analyze your profile and see what’s being gotten well and what’s not.

 When waseem was asked about guiding the beginners, he shared some golden words. The uplifting news here is that you essentially don’t need to be constrained to be awfully technically knowledgeable to prevail here. What you might want could be a stack of persistence, assurance and furthermore the capacity to execute while not overthinking. As internet-based life is persistently developing, I’d prescribe that you should basically keep on learning, continue applying new procedures and check new ways to know what works best for your plan of the business. Understand more, put longer in learning and applying, and watch as everything becomes all-good. Try not to be unnerved of disappointment; it’ll persistently leave you with a lesson.

 The next question was, “Any development tips for upcoming web-based social networking pages/channels?”

Waseem said that today’s content promotes focused marketing. Utilizing online channels to accomplish prominence is turning out to be simpler and simpler nowadays. Here are 3 things to pay special mind to when it includes development via social media; List out the reasons why someone should follow you. Prefer posting high-quality photographs & videos. Always try to be consistent. Keep analyzing and experimenting. Regularly connect with your followers.

Waseem shares his experiences for tackling with worst times. According to Waseem, Consistency is vital to survive these situations. During the downtimes, I re-evaluate myself and analyze the problem to find out the solution.


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