Television actress Alizeh Shah and stage dancer Afreen Khan are the latest victims of the leak of private and inappropriate photos 

Last week, a popular entertainment account – Showbiz & News – shared some intimate photos claiming to be of Alizah’s. 

In the pictures, a girl, who resembles the Ehd-e-Wafa starlet, can be seen making love with a boy, who the account claimed that is her boyfriend. The boy in the picture couldn’t be identified due to an unclear face.  

The account did not mention that who is behind the leak; however, many people believe that the boy in the picture could’ve been behind it.  

Alizah is tight-lipped on the matter so far. 

Afreen is the other celebrity to have fallen prey to hacked intimate pictures controversy recently. Several photos of the stage star were leaked on the internet on Saturday and quickly went viral on various social platforms, including Twitter, Facebook and Whatsapp. 

Though many people believe that the photos have been leaked by Afreen herself for publicity, fame, she, while speaking to Roznama Dunya, dispelled the impression and said she has already been enjoying immense popularity and do not need such cheap stunts to gain attention. 

Who do you think is responsible for leaking the private pictures of these two celebrities? Share with us by commenting below. 



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