Xiaomi Re-launching Its Products in Pakistan

Xiaomi, the fourth-largest smartphone maker in the World, is officially launching its product line in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Phones in Pakistan

The wait is finally over, and the famous Chinese company Xiaomi is making a comeback in Pakistan. After seeking the approval of The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), the fourth largest smartphone maker will soon launch its entire up to date product line.

Before this, the availability of Xiaomi smartphones in Pakistani markets was the result of unauthorised selling and acquisitions which prompted PTA to ban the fourth largest brand in the country.

After waiting for a long time, the Xiaomi fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the Chinese company has obtained a no objection certificate (NOC) from PTA to legally launch its operations in Pakistan.

Xiaomi Mobile Prices in Pakistan

Although the Chinese manufacturer has announced to launch its entire product range in Pakistan, the first devices that will go on sale include Mi 4, Mi Max and Note 4. With a popular demand in the local market for budget cell phones, Xiaomi is bound to give competitors a fair fight.

It is expected that Xiaomi mobile prices & specs in Pakistan will be controlled to make them affordable. Another good news for all the fans who have been waiting for news like this is that the company has also announced to bring other gadgets and accessories in the market including chargers, banks and MI VR to name a few.

The initial re-launch of Xiaomi mobile phones in Pakistan will feature three smartphones, in particular, Mi Max, Mi 5 and Mi Note 4.

The largest smartphone out of the three is Xiaomi Mi Max, packed with midrange specs. The next is the flagship Xiaomi Mi 5 which is a top rated phone from Xiaomi. The oldest smartphone out of the three is the Xiaomi Note 4. It features a couple of specs which elevates it from a regular mid-range smartphone status to a slightly high-end phone. Here is a comparison of all the three Xiaomi phones in specs and features.

Design and Display

Mi Max features a smooth metal body while Mi 5 has a metallic outer frame in between the panel and front. The exterior design of Note 4 displays a metal frame with an aluminium ingot. Both Mi Max and Mi 5 are available in gold, white and black while Note 4 is available in gold, grey and silver.

Xiaomi Mi Max has the largest display screen of 6.44 inches while the rest have the same screen size of 5 inches with just a little difference. All the three smartphones feature a full HD display of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Mi Max has the largest storage capacity of 64GB, followed by Mi 5 which has a storage variant of 32/GB and Note 4 has only 16GB. All the three smartphones can use up to 2GB microSD card storage.

Camera, Software and Battery

Both Mi 5 and Mi Max features 16MP rear camera but varies in other specifications. Since Note 4 is the oldest out of the three, it is equipped with a rear camera of 13MP. While Mi 5 and Note 4 has a selfie camera of 5MP and Mi Max features a front camera of 5MP.

While all the phones are packed with only midrange features and specs, the battery size steals the whole game. Mi Max comes with the largest battery size of 4850 mAh; Mi 5 features a smaller battery of 3000 mAh while Xiaomi Note 4 comes with a battery capacity of 4100 mAh.

If you are an interested buyer, keep an eye for these three incredible smartphones.


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